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Published: 12 years ago
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The funny TRUTH about funny protein

This is one of the most riduculous claims made by Moreless yet. He just loves to come up with scientific sounding terms that he has no understanding of  then use them as if he is an authority on the subject. One of these is non-protein nitrogen (NPN) that he loves to call "funny protein". The only thing funny about this is that he thinks NPN is so dangerous even though it is absolutely essential for our existence, function, and health as we will see.

 These are things the main stream Medicine does not want you to know about!

As some of you may be interested in a more indepth understanding about this subject, I am providing some links for you to study:

Absolutely great information. That is if you are a cow!!!!!

Oh gee, a rise in NPN in an injured dog as the tissues are broken down by autolysis, which is required for the healing process. And more NPN such as amino acids are then used to actually perform the healing!!! Clue Moreless, just because a site has the term NPN in it does not mean it proves your claims.  In fact this post proves you wrong again.

From this link you posted

"What is non-protein nitrogen?

This is a normal part of milk. The nonprotein nitrogen (NPN) fraction is composed of urea and other low molecular weight nitrogen-containing compounds such as creatine and creatinine."

So let's look at these NPNs. We have urea, which is turned in to uric acid in the body, which is one of the body's primary ANTIOXIDANT systems!!!!


Creatine is essential for energy production by the muscles and helps with brain function. Oooh, such a bad thing, right Moreless?

Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine and is simply flushed out the kidneys.

Same exact information extracted from your last link. I guess you think powering the muscles and increasing brain function is doubly dangerous so you posted links to the same information twice.

Nothing at all about NPN on this page. Do you even bother reading your own links? Or do you just post as many links as possible to look impressive while hoping nobody actually goes through all your supposed links to information on the subject?

Oh gee, a broken link. I guess I was right at the end of my last statement. Too bad that there are people like me actually checking the facts!!!

As anyone who has a little bit of "Common Sense" left in their head may be able to Learn after reviewing these links, that NPN is Non-Protein Nitrogen, which is "NOT" True Protein !

ROTFLMAO!!! Gee, why would anyone other than you think that something called NON-PROTEIN nitrogen may be a protein?!!! What do you think "non-protein" means Moreless?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thus NPN is Funny Protein, for it is not True Protein !

ROTFLAMO!!!!!! This just gets better and better!!!!! Amino acids are also NPN Moreless. Can you live without amino acids? Can you heal without amino acids? Can you function without amino acids? Can you even exist without amino acids? Of course not. So why do you think amino acids, which are NPN, are dangerous, or even a protein funny or not? Or are these just more unfounded claims?

NPN is a form of Nitrogen, which has not Complexed into an Amino Acid Complex with the needed Alkaline Minerals and Live Carbons !

Making up your own definitions again Moreless? NPN is the non-protein nitrogenous componds in the body such as amino acids, creatine, polypeptides, and uric acid, which are all not only essential for our health, but also our function!!!!  Again I am extending my hand in saying if you really want to learn about how the body really works and about real science and medicine I am willing to teach you as long as you are willing to learn the truth. Deal?

And NPN can Cause your body to become Sick and Diseased by eating foods which may have too much of the NPN in it !

As I showed above this is a very misleading statement. Now in your defense ammonia also falls under the definition of NPN. But, if everything is working properly ammonia is coverted in to antioxidant uric acid, then hydrolyzed in to urea and safely passed off as urine.  And every NPN mentioned so far is generated by the body iself. If NPN was so toxic none of us would be here right now. THAT IS COMMON SENSE!!!!

And todays Poor Quality Foods, which do not have enough Alkaline Minerals in them may be too high in this Funny Protein(NPN), and this is especially True of foods which are picked too Green, and not allowed to vine ripen !

What NPN are they full of Moreless? They don't produce creatine or creatinine. I never hear of them producing ammonia. Could they be full of ..... oh no should I say it..............OK I will.............amino acids?!!!! Oh how terrible. According to Moreless amino acids are deadly and are going to do us all in!!!!!!!!! I guess this is it, Moreless got it straight from God, the world as we know it is coming to an end because those deadly NPN amino acids are going to destroy all life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try eating apples which have been picked too Green and see how many times they may give you a tummy ache, this may be because of the Funny Protein(NPN) in them !

ROTFLAMO!!!!!  Here you go Moreless, lesson number one if you agree you want to learn:

".Apples, if under ripe, will give one an upset stomach due to the pectin that is not fully developed in the apple.....natural fruit pectins act with the stomach's digestive enzymes to digest the fruit.....if there is not sufficient pectin to digest the fruit, then you'll end up with a stomach ache......"

So what is a pectin?  Oh, that's right, it is a CARBOHYDRATE.  Not an NPN at all!!!!!

Also for those Interested in Learning the "Truth" about Funny Protein(NPN)
--Non-Protein Nitrogen being able to Displace Oxygen in the Blood, Specifically
the Isotope of Ammonia :

ROTFLMAO!!!!! I'll start with the fact that ammonia is not an isotope. Should I go on or have you embarrased yourself enough already?

From the MERCK Veterinary Manual: for the Research has been done on animals to
find the "Truth" about the problem also in Humans !

Nonprotein Nitrogen Poisoning: Introduction
(Ammonia toxicosis)

Poisoning by ingestion of excess urea or other sources of nonprotein nitrogen
(NPN) is usually acute, rapidly progressive, and highly fatal. Sources of NPN
have different toxicities in various species, but mature ruminants are affected
most commonly
. After ingestion, NPN undergoes hydrolysis and releases excess
ammonia (NH3) into the GI tract, which is absorbed and leads to hyperammonemia.

Again, great information if you are a cow, which we are not. And as I already pointed out in a properly working system converts ammonia in to the antioxidant uric acid, which is then hydrolyzed in to urea and safely passed off as urine.

I edited out your other studies since they also deal with farm animals, which we are not. So I would just be repeating myself over and over as I have to correct you over and over.

And there has been much more research to Prove these things I have been sharing
about the Funny Protein(NPN)-- Non-Protein Nitrogen in the foods we eat, whose
Nitrogen Isotope of Ammonia may Displace the Oxygen from our Blood and Cause
"US" to "DIE" , for those willing to open their Closed eyes and see ?

Again, what is a "nitrogen isotope of ammonia"? Is this another one of those made up Moreless pseudoscientific terms?

There is also the matter of Potassium Nitrate Poisoning:

The term "nitrate toxicity" is commonly used but the toxic principle is actually
nitrite. When Nitrate is converted to nitrite. Nitrite is absorbed from the
digestive system converting blood hemoglobin to methemoglobin. Methemoglobin
cannot transport oxygen to body tissues, so People and animals die from oxygen

And I addressed this misleading claim of yours in the past as well:

So are you ready to take me up on my offer to learn how the body really works and about real science and medicine or do you wish to keep ebarrasing yourself?


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