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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: BIG crash

 so i started again with MACA, bioceuticals adrenoplex - and maybe a tab or two of TMG and B50 with food. yucca root too. all your erudite recommendations - that i've also researched myself - but bleh. big crash.

If your adrenals are reallly shot then it does not take much to knock them right back down. I am thinking that either the Adrenoplex, due to the Panax ginseng, or the B50 are too stimulatory to your system right now. Can you find some nettle leaf and watercress?Both are good sources of vitamin C and B vitamins, and both support the adrenals.

i've stopped them all. so i've just being doing a 1/2 dropper of angostora bitters (can't get grape bitters here and the herbs in the swedish bitters - such as black cohosh - don't agree with me so i'm not going there) and acv/lemon/maple syrup & cayenne tincture. the bitters & acv have helped with my fermentation/digestion issues but i have crashed *big* time. i'm also taking a liquid magnesium malate formula and using transdermal magnesium oil for my neck pain. i stopped the adrenal herbs a few days ago but i am now sleeping 20 hours a day and when i am awake, i feel surreal and slightly dizzy and all i wanna do is sleep again. no matter how long i sleep, i feel unrefreshed, and i wanna sleep again. forever.

i have no appetite at all. i can barely eat a slice of green apple in a day. i know i have high phase 1 and low phase 2 liver functions. i feel bleh and nauseous all the time.

Are you drinking plenty of water throughout the day? This is really important when using bitters. You need to water throughout the day to help cleanse the toxins being released from the liver.

It is also important that you eat to maintain your energy. Even some blueberries or papaya slices for the C would be helpful.

i'm struggling to eat anything at all. and yet i'm super puffy - all over - i'm twice/thrice my normal size.

Adrenal issues can cause water retention. High potassium foods like watervress, papaya, and parsley can all help.

i'm most likely malnourished too. and i can't stop yawning or sit upright for long.

I would not fight the sleep. The body wants the sleep to help with healing. But you do need to eat and drink plenty of water.

what on earth to do now? i've been researching my health problems for 6 years now - and i've tried *everything* - and it's just getting old now. i've fasted for 94 days all-up. i've taken herbs, seen healers: it's expensive and exhausting. i'm in my 30's. i need an answer real soon. i want all the possibilities in my life so that i can make my own stupid mistakes about stupid things and not these life-or-death things. i don't want to live on this hamster wheel anymore: where i can't even eat; or get dressed in normal (non-puffy) clothes; or wake up refreshed. i know this all sounds 'boo hoo me' but i'm just so tired and i need it to be over. at least i know that at this forum, no-one will tell me to say positive affirmatitions or make mandelas under a new moon or watch comedy movies and thank the universe for my healing. i've even done all that. so there it is. i've been ready for a long time. i want to be well.

Be patient. I don't know what you did to crash your adrenals so bad, but they can recover.  Stress does not help though, so the sleeping will not hurt. And milder adrenal herbs like the nettle leaf amy be a better choice at the moment.

thanks hv
- lulu

p.s. we have lovely ranches in australia??

And big fires Actually there is a very good reason I am after this particular ranch.

p.p.s. i've ordered an amla berry formula by 'now' through iherb - since i cannot tolerate any form of synthetic vitamin c - but i'm getting kinda worried that it will make me crash too??

Amla should not cause any crashing. But I have not heard of that formula, so I am not sure what else is in there, and if any of the other ingredients could be a problem.


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