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Wild Oil of Oregano -- A MIRACLE CURE!!?!?
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Published: 13 years ago

Wild Oil of Oregano -- A MIRACLE CURE!!?!?

I've been a lurker of these boards for quite awhile now and trying and reading a lot of stuff to help me get over my lyme and bartonella. However I felt the need to share my AMAZING experience with WILD Oil of Oregano (BTW, there's a HUGE difference between WILD and the normal kind)

I purchased a bottle for cheap on ebay after one of my lyme friends had used it for a couple of months and made a lot of progress on just it alone. At first I could only use one drop of the oil of oregano a day as it would cause pretty extreme herxes for me. However I have slowly increased the dosage to 10drops in the morning and evening and I have to say I am about 75% better from a year ago, which is pretty amazing considering all the things that HAVEN'T worked.

Here is an article quoted by the seller:

"Plagues and Bioterror

Hi Friends,
This newsletter is in response to many queries about infections, plagues, bio-engineered viruses, fungi, parasites and so forth.

Fortunately, today, I have something more to say than ever before.

A good friend and natural healing colleague sat me down last time I was out to see her and showed me her latest addition to her preparations for the troubling times she feels (and I feel) are coming. She told me a story about an acquaintance who researches bio-terror. This person had developed a machine to test the impact of current drugs, herbs, colloidal minerals and so forth on the genetically engineered “super-bugs” that he knew about.

After much research (I do not have a list of what he tried, only his word that he felt he was thorough) he felt that nothing would kill those viruses and bacteria and that the world’s population would be in serious jeopardy if anyone decided to release them. He felt that the release of these was inevitable to meet the UN’s target of reducing the world’s population to 500,000,000 people, or a little less than 10% of the current population.

Then, someone sent him a sample of wild Mediterranean oregano oil. The sample he tested killed every single one of the super-bugs with ease. This was particularly exciting because this oil is pretty innocuous to humans, other than killing all their friendly flora as well.

I was aware of the plans to reduce the world’s population. I was also aware of the engineering of viruses and bacteria that were intended to kill at least 90% of the world’s population. The idea that nature had already stepped one step ahead was exciting to me.

Of course, I, like many of you, had heard about oregano oil before and had checked out North American Herb and Spice, which is the leading product on the retail shelves…but it is also $35+ for 1/3 ounce of the pre-diluted oil!

Well, after I got some of this batch of wild Mediterranean oregano oil from my friend (which I had to dilute myself) a lot cheaper, I started testing it on several problems that people were having around me. One had late stage Lyme disease, which is very hard to treat because the robust spirochete bacterium works its way into places that neither Antibiotics nor the human immune system will go. We were able to immediately get results using this oregano oil. This person is far better and, though still using the oregano oil (and will have to for some time yet), this person got better results the first week than the strong and specific Antibiotic drugs provide.

Another case had a fungus in his skin. He had tried everything. Within two weeks of using the oregano oil, he had only a non-substantial ring of difference in the infected skin to the skin around it. We were very impressed.

We have used it on the flu also, though I consider this to be abusing the oil, which should only be used when there is a real threat of the body not handling the problem. Some flu bugs might warrant this, but generally not. The swine flu, currently an alleged pandemic, does seem to warrant it.

To wrap things up, it is my opinion that everyone ought to have this in their house to use in times of emergency or very difficult diseases."


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