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Hemochromatosis--Why BSM is Good-Response

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Published: 12 years ago
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Hemochromatosis--Why BSM is Good-Response

 Hemochromatosis occurs when too much iron builds up in the body, particularly the liver. The result is liver swelling.

There are a lot more symptoms to hemochromatosis than liver damage. Here are some side effects:

Now most folks have Absolutely NO idea how this comes about!

This includes the supposed Experts!


Actually I have known about hemochromatosis for nearly 30 years. You only learned about it when you looked it up yesterday after I warned people about iron overload. So gee, who do you think knows more about it? Like did you know that most cases are hereditary and have nothing to do with alkaline minerals? And did you know that viral infection is also suspected in many cases. Did you know that it could be quite deadly, and that I know a number of people with it? And your expertise on the subject is what?

Let us take a little time to consider some Truths, which almost no-one understands!

You mean that YOU do not understand, which is why you tell people with the condition to use black strap molasses, which is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS advice!!!!

This is some of the info I have been privy to because of some of the people I have been privileged to come to know who have done research, which has yet to be shared with society!

You mean other patients in the ward?

In the plant kingdom when plants are subjected to Excess Nitrogen the plants have an automatic built in self preservation mechanism, which then causes Extra Iron to be built into the plant tissues in an effort to try to protect this plant from Excess NPN!


ROTFLMAO!!!!!! If you withhold nitrogen from most plants what happens? That's right they die. What happens when you put fresh horse manure, which is extremely high in nitrogen, on plants. That's right they die. The plants do not have a protective mechanism to protect themselves from excess nitrogen. Why? Because in nature plants are rarely exposed to high levels of nitrogen. Most of their nitrogen comes from nitric acid, nitrogen fixing bacteria, fish pee, decomposing carcasses, and animal waste. Therefore they have no reason to build up a defense mechanism to high nitrogen, thus the reason they die when given too much nitrogen. So you better inform those voices you are hearing that they are wrong!!!

Iron has the affinity to carry extra Oxygen, which is Highly Alkalizing!

Not really true. If oxygen was alkalinizing then it would be able to neutralize an acidic solution. Yet what happens if we add oxygen to sulfurous acid (H2SO3)? The oxygen does not neutralize the acid making it alkaline, it just converts the acid in to sulfuric acid (H2SO4). The same applies to nitrous acid (HNO2), which is oxidized in to nitric acid (HNO3). This is such basic science!!!!!!! Even a first year chemistry student should know this. So did the voices also tell you the bogus information that oxygen is highly alkalinizing?

Excess Nitrogen adds to the Acidity of the media,

No!!! Another simple chemistry lesson. Acidity is a measurement of pH, which means the power of hydrogen, not nitrogen. In fact, remember all those alkaloids you were so paranoid about back a while ago? Alkaloids get their name because they are ALKALINE. Now what is the definition of an alkaloid?:

"Alkaloid: A member of a large group of chemicals that are made by plants and have nitrogen in them. "

As we can all see the claim that nitrogen makes something acidic is complete nonsense just like all your previous claims.

requiring Extra Iron, when other needed Alkaline Minerals are lacking, such as Calcium and Magnesium!

Bogus, bogus, bogus!!!!

Otherwise the plant would Immediately become too Acidic and Disolve into a Liquid and Decay!

ROTFLMAO!!!! When a plant or animal dies what causes them to decay? Oh, that's right, it's not acids. Enzymes are responsible for the breakdown.  In fact this can be easily proven by your own claims. You claim that all diseases and disorders are caused from acidity of the lymphatic system. If this were the case then our lymphatic systems would dissolve in to liquid and decay if we ever got sick since the lymphatic system has no protective lining to protect from acidity. Maybe that is why the real truth is that the lymphatic system never goes acidic. Could it be that simple? YES!!!!!!!!! Oh, what a little common sense can reveal!!!

Now we need to understand the duty of our Liver and Kidneys is to get rid of Excess Nitrogen waste from our body!

Partially correct. But again you totally overlook the benefits of NPNs like amino acids, creatine and uric acid which are ESSENTIAL for our survival and existence.

So, Why would it come as a surprise to us, after coming to understand the duties of our Liver and How plants take in extra Iron when they are Loaded with Nitrogen waste(NPN), that our Liver shall Suffer with Hemochromatosis?

What do plants have to do with our livers? Are you a vegetable? Actually your claims are pretty corny, but I know you will turnip with even more bogus claims.

Hemochromatosis is not caused from nitrogen. This is the kind of bogus information that gets people in to trouble.

As usual not everything may be as it may first seem to be!

It "may" not be as it seems for the simple reason that it isn't.

There is so much I have not shared, but most folks could not even begin to understand because of their mindset, so Why share!

You have shared so much misinformation, so why stop now? I would think that if you had any real information and evidence to share you would have no problem doing this as you want to help people, right? So therefore we can only assume that you have no real facts or evidence to present, which explains why you keep refusing to present evidence to support your ludicrous claims.

If folks cannot follow Simple ideas to learn to help them Heal, Why burden their minds with Truths they will not make use of anyway!

Translation: I have no real information or evidence to present so I shall shut up to preserve any little bit of dignity I may still have.

Taking Blackstrap Molasses, which is High in Iron does not give our Liver any problem because the BSM does not have Excess NPN, which our Liver must get rid of!

And again, people with hemochromatosis must AVOID iron as much as possible. Recommending BSM to hemochromatosis patients or saying it is safe is like putting the gun in someone's mouth and saying pull the trigger. In other words this is the kind of dangeorus advice by people that don't understand real chemistry or how the body works that kills people!!!!

Thus this kind of Iron may be utilized by our Blood to enable our Red Blood cells to carry More Oxygen!

Why does the excess iron cause problems in hemochromatosis? Answer: Because the excess iron increases OXIDATIVE damage to the tissues. Why is this? Because the excess iron in hemochromatosis is also reacting with oxygen just like the iron from the BSM will do as you point out. So do you see the outright dangerous stupidity of your statement yet?


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