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Tony Isaacs Views: 16,502
Published: 12 years ago
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You are shocked? I am appalled, sir!

And I sir am deeply shocked at the misinformation that is constantly spread by mainstream medicine and the world pharma industries.

Are you proud of being in a profession that has failed so miserably against cancer since "The War on Cancer" was declared almost forty years ago and we were promised a cure within just a few years?  What we have now, after all these many years and after all the billions that have been spent, is no mainstream cure in sight and a bloated $300-$400 Billion a year industry whose continued existence and profit depends on NOT finding a cure for cancer.

Meanwhile, despite statistical manipulations that try to put a positive spin on the abysmal results of mainstream cancer treatments, more people are coming down with cancer and dying of cancer every year.

Are you aware that you are part of a profession that is among the top three causes of death in the U.S. by the AMA's own admission, and which has such a sordid history of turning healing illness into managing illness for profit?  Are you even aware of your profession's history?  If not, see my article:

Modern Medicine: How Healing Illness became Managing Illness

It isn't what is taught in medical school, but it is hard to argue with history and facts.

I am further shocked that mainstream oncology continues to use the tried and failed methods of trying to cut out, burn out or poison out the mere symptoms of cancer without addressing the root causes of cancer and pays precious little attention to prevention or the roles of diet, lifestyle, proper nutrition, removal of toxins from the body and environment, and stress.

Beyond being shocked, I am absolutley appalled at how mainstream medicine has suppressed and persecuted natural alternatives to their injurious unnatural drugs and invasive treatments.  To get an idea of just how far your profession and those who control it will go to prevent competition, I suggest you read "Politics in Healing: The suppression and manipulation of American Medicine" by former New York State Assemblyman Daniel Haley.  Shameful beyond belief!

Why is it that over 75% of oncologists surveyed said they would not take chemo if they had cancer due to it's low success rates and horrific side effects and yet in over 75% of the instances these same oncologists prescribe chemo for their cancer patients?  Could it be because the typical oncologist derives about 75% of their income from the markups they make on the chemo drugs they prescribe?

Is your own livelihood and lifestyle supported in great part by dispensing toxic chemotherapy drugs which are often themselves Class 1 carcinogens?  Are you aware that the "gold standard" of chemo, Taxol, can result in "extensive metastasis months or even years later" due to it causing "a massive release of (cancer) cells into circulation", as was reported at the 27th Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.  Do you wonder, or can you explain, why this spread of cancer is not even listed among the side effects of Taxol?

Did you receive a "science-based" education at a university largely funded by pharmaceutical companies which - surprise! surprise! - taught you that the way to treat illness is to prescribe approved medicines made by guess who?  And which taught virtually nothing about diet, prevention or natural alternatives?

One doctor friend of mine said that in his entire time in medical school he only experienced one single lecture on diet and nutrition.  This same doctor, who became an MD almost 40 years ago, switched to naturopathic treatment about 15 years ago because he saw that he was merely managing symptoms with drugs that led to more illness and more drugs in a never ending cycle.  He said that it was a highly profitable system, but he became a doctor in the first place because he wanted to heal people, and mainstream drugs and methods weren't getting the job done.

If you believe that implying that Patrick Swayze might have been better off by using alternative methods "beggars description", then how would you describe the fact that mainstream medicine has a virtually zero percent five year survival rate for pancreatic cancer when there are many people still alive after five years who chose natural and alternative treatments for their pancreatic cancers?

I am further appalled, though not surprised, that a mainstream medical education failed to teach you that, while you may be able to kill or slow down the proliferation of a virus by starving the body, if the body is starved the cancer cells simply consume the body's cells, tissues and organs around them and they will mutate healthy cells and keep on multiplying.

The chemotherapy your profession prescribes 75% of the time exacerbates the problem by not only damaging the immune system but also by indiscriminately killing and injuring healthy cells, causing diseased areas of the body which lead to additional disease and shut-down of various organs. Shut-down of the body (physical death) is the eventual result. If medical school had properly taught you about the importance of nutrition and the role of the immune system, nature's first line of defense against cancer and other illness, then you would know that it takes all the nutrients the body needs, including whole foods, fats and proteins, to produce and maintain a healthy immune system.

Yes, your profession surely did wonders for Swayze by telling him to "starve his body to starve his cancer" and watching him end up dying of wasting disease.  Take a good look at what happened to Patrick Swayze when he followed that advice:


Swayze before beginning chemo     Swayze after beginning chemo


More chemo                                            And still more

Patrick Swayze near the end - how very sad

Now, compare what happened to Swayze, who appeared to be in good physical condition at age 55 prior to coming down with pancreatic cancer, to this report of an 80 year old man who chose to treat his pancreatic cancer naturally:

My Stepdad is still alive after being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer two years ago.  He has never had any mainstream treatment other than a stent to bypass the tumor.  He still has the cancer but has lived a mostly pain free and quality life for the last two years.  He is also 80 years old and was playing golf up until about 1 month ago.  He is still getting out and about but doesn't golf anymore due to the external stent he now has.  He has been taking the Oleander for almost 2 years along with other supplements and I beleive this is the only reason he is still with us,along with his great attidude which is a big part of it too.  I am certain he would have been long gone if he had ever started chemo.  What a shame that people have so much faith in mainstream medicine.  My Stepdad always asks the doctor have you found a cure and they say "NO" and he then says I am not interested.  Even his doctor quietly agreed that he made the right decision.  All his hospice nurses are amazed when they find out his story although they are always trying to push pain medicine, but he tells them he doesn't need it.  Many thanks to Tony, Mark & Luella for giving us precious years with our loving Stepdad!!!

Which outcome would YOU prefer?

I suggest sir that you take a good look at the profession you are in, as did my doctor friend and other courageous and open minded doctors I know, and ask yourself exactly when did God and Nature become quacks and doctors and the drug company scientists become God?  Did you enter the medical profession more out of a desire to heal, instead of making money?  If so, perhaps you too might become part of the solution instead of continuing to be part of the problem.

One thing history has taught us over and over again is that the science and orthodoxy of today often becomes the quackery of tomorrow.  When it comes to mainstream drugs and mainstream cancer treatments I am sure that someday history will look back and consider this the true dark ages of medicine.

Of course, I could be just another tinfoil hat wearer crying "medical conspiracy".  Let's see what members of your own profession and other notables have had to say:

"There are more quacks in the orthodox profession than there are outside its ranks." - Dr. J. P. Baldwin

"I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people." - Dr Mark Donohoe

“Medicine, the only profession that labors incessantly to destroy the reason for its existence.” - James Bryce

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison

“I have endeavored to show that there is no real service of humanity in the profession [of medicine] and that it is injurious to mankind.” - Mahatma Gandhi

"Nature is the physician of man.” - Hippocrates, “the father of medicine”

"Instead of wishing to see more doctors made by women joining what there are, I wish to see as few doctors, either male or female, as possible." - Florence Nightingale

“Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer’ is largely a fraud.” - Two Time Nobel Prize Winner Linus Pauling

"Unless the doctor of today becomes the dietitian of tomorrow, the dietitian of today will become the doctor of tomorrow." Dr. Alexis Carroll (Famous Biological Scientist and head of the Rockefellr Institute)

"Medicine being a compendium of the successive and contradictory mistakes of medical practitioners, when we summon the wisest of them to our aid, the chances are that we may be relying on a scientific truth the error of which will be recognized in a few years' time." - Marcel Proust

"We have not lost faith, but we have transferred it from God to the medical profession" - George Bernard Shaw

"He's the best physician that knows the worthlessness of most medicines.  God heals and the Doctor takes the fee." - Benjamin Franklin

"The National Anti-Cancer Program is a bunch of shit" - James Watson, Nobel Laureate for Medicine in 1962 , joint discoverer of the double helix of DNA, and for two years a member of the US Joint Advisory Committee on Cancer

"Chemotherapy is an incredibly lucrative business for doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies…..The medical establishment wants everyone to follow the same exact protocol. They don’t want to see the chemotherapy industry go under, and that’s the number one obstacle to any progress in oncology." - Dr Warner, M.D.

"Medicine is a great humbug:- doctors are merely quacks when they are not charlatans." Dr. Magendie (The great French physician)

Well, are you satisfied that WE ARE QUACKS? In the eyes of those who are willing to forget the present prestige of medicine, such as it is, with all its dignity, its scientific jargon, its pratings of altruism, its great endowment, its well heralded "achievements," we are most assuredly quacks, professing to do things we cannot do, and yes, taking money under this pretence." - Dr. Paul M. Koonin, D.D.Sc.

"Modern medicine" may well be defined as "the experimental study of what happens when poisonous chemicals are placed into malnourished human bodies." - A. Saul, Contributing Editor, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

Now you have a good day sir!



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