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--answer--After two and a half years I'm getting close. A few questions
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Published: 13 years ago
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--answer--After two and a half years I'm getting close. A few questions

Hi StantonSee,

Your question:Two and a half years ago, I suffered an injury to my elbows whilst lifting heavy weights at the gym. At the time I was eating a high protein, plenty of carbs, some good fats, limited vegetables and tons of different supplements. I thought I knew what health was. I why wouldn’t I think that? I had the best body I’ve ever had, I was very fit, I looked great!

Sure I had trouble concentrating at work, had large mood swings and never really felt that energetic, but that’s what health is isn’t it? Isn’t it? We all know the answer to that question…

After injuring my joints, I thought it would only take a month or so to heal, little did I know one month would turn in two and a half years of searching for the truth.

I tried not going to the gym, wearing arm supports, 4 physiotherapists, 1 acupuncturist, doctors (who suggested cortisone injections!!), did the master cleanse – twice, follow a metabolically typed diet, anti-fungal, anti-parasite (which was especially harsh), giving up sugar, Chinese herbal medicine, food intolerance testing, eating the best foods I could find. Still the elbows wouldn’t heal.

As I went further and further into this journey, other health problems started making themselves more known as I became more aware of what health was. I noticed I became incredibly hot in summer and couldn’t cool down. When I went abroad for a few months to even hotter countries, I felt drained nearly everyday and my usual spark and energy disappeared. I even drank two gallons of water some days!

The Chinese doctor said I had a Yin Deficiency – I had no idea what it meant in scientific terms.

I also had inflated lymph nodes on the side of my neck most of the time, which I interpreted as a sign that my immune system must be constantly battling something!

The one thing that kept bugging me was the sophistication of all the changes I tried. I thought health is supposed to have underlying simple principles? High nutrient diet, plenty of vitamins and minerals and fresh food?? I always believed that was the truth, especially after having the good fortune to read Weston A. Prices’ “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”, but putting that into practice soon made me feel even worse! I would do much better on all the crap I used to eat.

It frustrated me how difficult it became to maintain a normal life whilst at the same time improving my health. I tested myself to see what would and wouldn’t work. Nothing seemed to be conclusive.

During this time I experienced huge highs and lows. But I was getting closer. I had some success with the food intolerances. I knew going from an ok diet to a really great one didn’t seem to work for me, or at least, it was too much for me to take at the time. I was getting sick of reading other people’s books on what does and doesn’t work. I hear there’s 10,000s of diet books out there, I knew I didn’t have enough time to go through each one of those, nor was I willing to follow the truths from those who had something to gain by keeping it from me, either intentionally or through their own lack of understanding.

I was looking into Candida, but I couldn’t believe that the body would be so cruel to make you exert huge effort to eradicate every last drop with every known unheard of remedy known to man. Surely after millions of years of evolution there’s a balancing mechanism that when reached, our bodies can bring themselves back into line?

As often with places with little commercial interest involved, it was a lucky search that brought me to a post by moreless on balance between decay and what candida was. It resonated instantly, it was based on the principles of balance.

I soon started implementing everything I read. I couldn’t believe a device like the refractometer existed, being able to see the quality of nature’s foods with my own eyes!

Since then, I’ve been generally feeling very good and extremely focused. If I look what I’m achieving now, how switched on I am, how fast my mind works, it’s the most intelligent and driven I’ve ever been. I can’t attribute this all to the starting the principles, much of this has been coming together over the last few months slowly, not just in nutrition but in my life in general. But it has helped, oh has it helped.

I’m on my quest to find even better quality foods and with focus on seasonal vegetables at the highest quality I can find, brix tested.

Alas, I do have a few questions.

One major outstanding issue is food intolerance. It seems certain foods are my poison; Wheat, Eggs, Grapes, Sultanas, tomatoes. It starts to cause huge increase in joint pain if I eat these foods in any sizeable quantity, I feel like an old man, at 24 I should not be experiencing this! Will my body eventually become more tolerant to these foods?

I cannot take heat, I get way too hot and sweat far too much. I’m thyroid dominant but finding it very hard to get a hold of LD kelp in the UK. Are there any alternatives to LD kelp? Will this help bring me back to normality?

My lymph glands in my neck are inflamed nearly all of the time, however, my body is quite alkaline, within the 6.5 -7.5 range every day I’ve tested so far. Is this normal? Could it be the food intolerance is the bigger issue rather than being not too alkaline?

Thanks you for your advice,


Answer: Di has given some suggestions to find other kelp and maybe others in the UK can provide some other options?

Now concerning: "It seems certain foods are my poison; Wheat, Eggs, Grapes, Sultanas, tomatoes. It starts to cause huge increase in joint pain if I eat these foods in any sizeable quantity"

Without getting into a lot of details, the answer is to Stop eating these, if they are causing you so much Pain!

As to the reason for this, this info may be related to the Poor Quality of these foods, which you are eating>

Most of this can be determined with the refractometer by learning to read the NPN in the test.

To gain a better understanding as to Why the NPN is such a problem leading to your Joint Pain you may type in NPN in the search engine and review past posts sharing this info!

This may be related to the foods from the plants, now as to the eggs, this may have several other reasons Why?

Eggs are mostly a Protein source, but are supposed to contain other nutrition , including minerals?

If the egg is of Poor Quality it may also contain NPN!

It may also be possible that if you have had Vaccines of any kind that were grown on egg proteins, that you may be having a reaction from this conflict?

Solution is to Stop eating foods causing Pain!

If you want to eat these foods, then you shall have to find Better Quality to eat!

Cause and Effect!

Smile Tis your choice.


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