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--Answer--What is going on here?
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Published: 13 years ago
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--Answer--What is going on here?


Your question:
Why does an R message seem to have its text removed?

And the R rating kept?


Answer: Here was the post where I made correction to Invincibles post and it seems she may not really be interested in helping here as was Claimed?

Hi Invincible, I appreciate your offer to help on this forum, but it should
remain in a Supportive manner with the Simple Protocol Freely shared on this
forum, which has helped everyone who has shared their Success Testimonials,
which may be reviewed here:
attempt to Dilute this Simple Protocol with suggestions of additional Herbs,
roots, exotic berries, supplements, Ying and Yang, Dr Schulze's superfood, Yoga
etc, just Complicates things and Confuses folks! If you want to be Supportive,
Please share how you are presently using this Simple Protocol and what Benefits
you and others have gained from this Simple protocol! Then stick with this
Simple Protocol to help others in need! Corrections added below where needed.
First of all, totally agree with Moreless - if certain foods are aggravating
your situation, you should stop those completely (for the time being). ---As I
went further and further into this journey, other health problems started making
themselves more known as I became more aware of what health was. I noticed I
became incredibly hot in summer and couldn’t cool down. When I went abroad for a
few months to even hotter countries, I felt drained nearly everyday and my usual
spark and energy disappeared. I even drank two gallons of water some days! The
Chinese doctor said I had a Yin Deficiency – I had no idea what it meant in
scientific terms. You have some classic signs of Kidney Yin deficiency. All that
means are that the kidneys aren't supplying enough fluids
Correction: The Kidneys do not supply the rest of the body with fluids! The
Kidneys get rid of Nitrogen Waste of the body along with the Liver and both must
have Magnesium to do this!
therefore the liver, heart and lungs aren't being supplied by the body's
internal cooling fan. Hence the overheating, thirst etc.
Correction: The Adrenal Glands regulate the Soduim/Potassium ratios, which
control the Osmotic Pressure of each cell in the body, which controls the
Heating and Cooling of the body! This also corrects the incorrect info below!
The lack of energy primarily means that the Yin Kidney deficiency has travelled
to the liver (domino effect) - the liver is primarily responsible for the free
flow of energy in the body .. so when someone is really drained, it just means
the liver energy is stagnating. Yin kidney is a means in which the body reduces
heat as well as helps tissue and muscle building. Emotionally, those with a Yin
kidney deficiency tend to overdo things - perhaps some insecurities leading to
wanting to be perfect. This can deplete the store of Kidney yin. So if this
resonates, you might want to work with this and learn to love and accept
yourself a bit better. You also want to calm down any anger, stress or
impatience ... as thse emotions are depleting to Yin Kidney. One major
outstanding issue is food intolerance. It seems certain foods are my poison;
Wheat, Eggs, Grapes, Sultanas, tomatoes. It starts to cause huge increase in
joint pain if I eat these foods in any sizeable quantity, I feel like an old
man, at 24 I should not be experiencing this! Will my body eventually become
more tolerant to these foods? Wheat, Eggs, Grapes, Sultanas, tomatoes are
generally classified as 'heating foods' -
Correction: A Higher Sodium content of foods in ratio to the amount of
potassium, causes these foods to provide for Heating! By the same token when the
Potassium ratio is Greater in the foods in relationship to the Sodium, this
Higher Potassium causes the Cooling effect! Tomatoes are Higher in Potassium,
thus are a Cooling food! Why do we think God has them growing in the Heat of the
summer, if not for us to eat and stay cooler in Hot weather? This is Why I
suggest folks learn to eat In Season Foods of the Best Quality, because these
foods shall automatically be balanced with the best in their Sodium to Potassium
ratios to give us the Best Healing and Health!
so someone with a Yin deficiency is likely to react to these. Considering that a
kidney yin deficiency supports joint pain and overheating, eating those foods
will create more pain because they stimulate liver heat (which your kidneys are
currently unable to cool). Eggs and too much protein will also deplete Yin
kidney energy - so keep the protein really low right now. I cannot take heat, I
get way too hot and sweat far too much. I’m thyroid dominant but finding it very
hard to get a hold of LD kelp in the UK. Are there any alternatives to LD kelp?
Will this help bring me back to normality?
My lymph glands in my neck are inflamed nearly all of the time. You can normally
find Norwgian kelp on - but if you start to take kelp, which I do
think is a good idea for thyroid issues, I would definitely balance this with a
high potassium
Correction: Tomatoes are High in Potassium and the Grapes are more than likely
too High in Potassium Nitrate(NPN), as Why the problem!
Kelp has a lot of natural sodium in it (which would heat up the body) - and
Potassium is be needed to cool down the body. Do a google and check out how to
make potassium broths and also make green leafy veg and/or a superfood green
supplement like Dr Schulze's superfood or Barleymax, (both available in the UK.)
a MAJOR part of your diet. If you have a juicer, juice greens. Black sesame
seeds, Asparagus root (tian men dong) and prepared rhemmania root (shu di huang)
are excellent for yin kidney support - check any Chinese supermarket, and you
will find them cheaply. Also, the juice of watermelon is supportive, if you can
find some good ones (make sure they have seeds) Your lymph glands are possibly
inflamed because of a long standing microbial infection - if so, try a few weeks
of raw gralic and echinacea and see if that helps. If not, perhaps it is a light
case of thyroiditis - and kelp will help here and also a herb called Avena
Sativa plus lots of relaxation of the mind and body. Consider taking up Yoga
instead of going back to the gym for a while. Best wishes


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