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The Question of Bitters vs Kelp-Response
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Published: 12 years ago
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The Question of Bitters vs Kelp-Response

 What about Bitters could cause them to be of any help, if we were smart enough to select the correct bitters for the correct problem?

There are no bitters specifically for certain problems.  Bitters are bitters.  The all work through the same mechanism of vagus nerve stimulation.

Oh, so there is a Difference in Bitters?

The difference is in the bitter herbs they use, and some contain laxatives.  Other than that they all work in the same exact manner.

Ya, mean Different problems may need a Different Bitter?

No, not at all.  Someone does not understand how bitters work apparently.

Why could this be so?

It is not so. I don't have a clue where you came up with that ridiculous concept.

Could this Cost us a Lot more Money?


Actually they cost a lot less than dangerous calcium oxide/hydroxide.  Cost less that blackstrap molasses.  And is cheaper than liquid kelp.  A 2 ounce bottle of Grape bitters is about $6.  Being that you only use a tiny amount at a time this little 2 ounce bottle will last a VERY LONG time.  A 2 ounce bottle of kelp will cost around $12-14.

Could this make the one suggesting Bitters to seem like someone Important, because WE would have to be some Expert to know all the Different Bitters and how to match them up to all the Different problems?

ROTFLMAO!!!!!  You DO NOT need different bitters for different conditions.  ALL bitters work the same way, and if you had even the slightest clue of what you were talking about you would have known that.

Could Selling Bitters be a Big Business?

I don't know of anyone selling bitters on CZ.  So if you are talking about outside CZ then I guess so just like the sales of calcium oxide/hydroxide, magnesium sulfate, blackstrap molasses and seaweeds.  I know a lot of businesses selling all of these.

I wonder who Benefits the most? The Sick person spending all their Hard Earned Money or the one taking their Money?


Well it definitely is not the one listening to such garbage as you need different bitters to treat different conditions.  Or that drinking caustic calcium hydroxide is good for you.  Or that NPN, which includes the amino acids and creatinine that we need to exist and function is bad for you.  Or that don't realize that alkalinizing the stomach increases the risk of nitrite poisoning.  Or.................


What I find interesting is that the person is going to have to buy this dangerous calcium oxide, and the blackstrap molasses, and the magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) because ALL of these are manmade.  So they are going to spend their hard earned money to purchase items that can put their health in serious jeopardy!!!  Or they can take a bitter herb just as God made them to benefit their health for a lot less money than the calcium oxide, molasses and Epsom salt.  They can even eat bitter foods like bitter melon, dandelion greens, arugula, or a number of other bitter herbs, many of which they may even find growing nearby where they can pick them for free.  Hmmmmmm........  So why would anyone be so stupid to drink caustic calcium hydroxide?  Or risk iron overload with blackstrap molasses if they are not sure they are anemic?  Or ingest a laxative like ACIDIC magnesium sulfate when according to the same person recommending these things acids will decay the tissues in to a pile of goo.  Sounds more like this person is trying to feed people a pile of ...........

What about Bitters could cause them to work in the first place?

Uh, the bitterness?!!!!  Maybe this is why they are called bitters!!!  Could it be so simple?!!!!  Of course it is!!!!!

Could it be the Concentration of Specific Alkaline Minerals?

Not at all.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if one is trying to RAISE stomach acidity that alkaline minerals, which neutralize stomach acid, would defeat the purpose!!!  Could it be that simple?  Yes, to anyone with even an ounce of common sense!!!!

Surely it could not be this Simple?

The real explanation sure is, but not the bogus garbage you came up with.

Could it be?

Now to the question of Kelp vs Bitters!

While Bitters may contain Concentrated Specific Alkaline Minerals, which may help solve some specific problem if used correctly by knowing how to match it up with a Specific problem, there is a Smarter and Better way!

Once again, YOU DO NOT NEED DIFFERENT BITTERS FOR DIFFERENT CONDITIONS!!!  Bitters work because the bitterness stimulates the bitter receptors on the tongue.  This in turn stimulates the vagus nerve.  This in turn stimulates the stomach to release stomach acid (yes, that is right the stomach is the ONLY organ to produce stomach acid, not organs as you have repeatedly claimed). The vagus nerve stimulation also increases bile production and release, the release of pancreatic enzymes, and has a mild stimulating effect on the intestines.  Because alkaline minerals are not involved you can take a fraction of what you would recommend in dangerous calcium hydroxide, which also does the exact opposite of bitters.  That last fact alone tells us that alkaline minerals and digestive bitters ARE NOT the same thing and DO NOT do the same thing.  Could it be that simple? Yes, to anyone knowing how the body really works.

Top Quality Kelp may supply all the needed Alkaline Minerals, not just Specific Concentrations of certain Alkaloids as Bitters may contain!

And alkaline minerals DO NOT do the same thing.  But kelp does contain alkaloids as well.

Kelp does not cost as much and can be used to supply any of the needed Alkaline Minerals, especially Trace Minerals!

And it still does not function like bitters since it is not a bitter and alkaline minerals are not what makes bitters work.

So Why waste our Money on bitters, that cannot supply ALL of our Alkaline Mineral needs?

Why waste all your time listening to nonsense from someone who clearly does not have a clue of how bitters, or the human body, really work?!!!


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