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Re: I tried Candex..I need some help.
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: I tried Candex..I need some help.

Hi, I have almost all the symptoms you say. It have passed months since I tried to battle this monster called Candida. I'm trying to help you in what I know. Avoid Glutamine! Use high potency Licorice instead, for the leaky gut, it feed the adrenals too!

My 4 Liver Flushes helped A LOT! 1 or 2 days, then 1 week of reabsorving some toxins and the liver moving it's toxins too. But it helped! (Read the Andreas Moritz book or ebook). The coffee enemas helped a bit. I need to know more about healing enemas, like Wormwood enemas, or goldenseal enemas, etc...

I tried dozens of antifungals ( Colloidal Silver , oregano oil, candida clear, peppermint oil, yeast cleanse, exspore, candida forte, Goldenseal, Pau d'arco, Wormwood , Garlic, Cat's claw, etc...) and for me the bests are Goldenseal, Wormwood and maybe oregano oil. Goldenseal and wormwood are liver supersupporters, but they are toxic if used for months on a daily basis, so you need to rotate the two every week.

Another GOOOOD things are superprobiotics:

First: Kombucha - Need some time and knowledegment to do it but it really balances intestinal flora and cleanses the liver. The first week I took it I feel like I was borning again... super mental clarity, energy, vital, supersexual ...wooooowww!!! but remember, you need to feed it with white Sugar not another sugars, it's his food, not the yours!! (Don't worry, in the beverage will be only traces of the Sugar when it's done) and you need to collect it very acidic but not too much... somewhat complicated but finally you will find the exact point, and another thing... not all the kombuchas are equal... are different combinations of diferent bacterias and fungus... some are more candida battlers than others, some are more liver cleansers, etc... somewhat complicated too. Avoid stupid people saying that kombucha is not good because it has bacteria and fungus in it. This is what we need to rebalance your intestinal flora. (Note: You need 2-4 weeks to do the kombucha...depending of temperature, ideal is 30ºC. I rotate 2 batches of kombucha, every one with 5 litres to have kombucha almost all the time.) -> Please read a lot about kombucha and kefir.

Second: Water KEFIR and milk KEFIR (They are different!). They are powerful probiotics too, somewhat less than kombucha, but they are really good too, with much less difficulty to do and it lasts only 2 or 3 days to do it!!! :)

And on the other hand, to cope with everyday's stress, to handle the fatigue and brain fog I use some products and plants ALL NATURAL!!, really good ones, almost all are ADAPTOGENS:

* Shilajit (one of the bests, supports ALL organs, help detox)
* Dabur Chyawanprash (Ayurvedic mix of 48 plants, 40% natural Vitamin C, help detox too)
* Kelp (Algae, Mainly to feed the thyroid, help detox)
* Spirulina (Algae, feed all the organs, help detox)
* Eleuthero (Called siberian ginseng, really good)
* Primrose Oil or Shark Oil
* Ashwagandha (called indian ginseng, really good)
* Schizandra (Mainly supports the liver)

and some more adaptogens but the bests are there. They all mix well without any adverse seactions. Really mix veeery well. I wouldn't go to university without theese! Almost all are from the "Now Foods" brand because they are high potency and good price.

If I need to do exams I know I can do it with theese herbs. This don't mean that you cure candida, only that you supports your organs enough to do heroic efforts even when coping with candida!

Health, Peace. And sorry for my bad english. :)

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