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The MMS Miracle Mineral Solution - the scam finally exposed.
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Published: 13 years ago

The MMS Miracle Mineral Solution - the scam finally exposed.

It is unthinkable that the Multi Level Marketing PR guys would go so low as to have parents giving their children concentrated chlorine identical to what they put in municipal swimming pools! Call it sodium chlorite, chlorine oxide, or any other variation of the chemical chlorine and its still what it is - chlorine.

Finally some legitimate companies are putting out the warning that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement Miracle Mineral Solution / Supplement is nothing more than putting the chemical used for swimming pools in a bottle and claiming it will cure anything - when it is extremely destructive to life.

The ads are clever. Providing proof that it is approved for cleaning counters in restaurants and food processing (yes, bleach is used for that). Or claiming it safe because they use it in swimming pools and urban water treatment. (Yes, they use chlorine - that's why people use water filters or drink bottled water).

Drinking concentrated swimming pool water will cure cancer - that is exactly the claim they are making - outrageous.

This website is one example of the warnings going up:

It is just one example.

Many companies, legitimate companies and not multi level marketing affiliate sellers, are now submitting the same warnings to all search engines as sponsored searches to stop this evil, evil thing of telling parents to give swimming pool chemicals to the children and telling cancer victims to end all medical treatment because Miracle-Mineral-Supplement will cure their cancer.

ANYONE who as ANY relative with cancer who uses Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and dies has an absolute lawsuit not just again Jum Humble, but the MLM companies that market it and every affiliate seller who sells it with any link to the video of Jim Humble (whatever his real name is) claims - no qualifiers - that MMS "WILL CURE CANCER."

Not maybe, not might help or could cure cancer. But "WILL" cure cancer. ANY PERSON, ANY COMPANY that makes a dime off selling MMS with any link leading to that video is liable at every level economically (and criminally). They (you?) are liable to the relatives of the person who dies of cancer. You are liable from criminal prosecution for marketing a drug as an absolute cure for cancer - without any license whatsoever to sell something as a medical consumable cure.

IF YOU KNOW THE NAME OF ANY COMPANY OR INDIVIDUAL who sells MMS Mineral Miracle Mineral Solution as an affliate at any level where they make any profit and have a website up selling it (and / or selling it on eBay), please send the website, their name or company name and any contact information you have to:

You do not have to identify yourself. The purpose is not harassment. It is for accountability legally - civil and criminal.

Promising sodium chloride mixed with citric acid "WILL CURE CANCER" crossed the line and exactly everyone who sells health supplements outside the scope of the FDA knows it.

If you have cancer, have been taking MMS and haven't been cured, you should see an attorney immediately. A horrific civil and criminal fraud has been committed against you NOT just by Jim Humble, but also by the MLM companies, and the affiliate seller you bought it from. It is not that difficult to chase down who your credit card, paypal or Google checkout payment went. (So you know, while Humble may go into hiding, the top of this pyramid is likely to be super wealthy and super liable.)

Oh, if you do happen to have the current address for "Jim Humble" by all means email it. I think there are some nice papers trying to find him.


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