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Re: Various protocols, herbs, sups, et cet.

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Various protocols, herbs, sups, et cet.

 I realize it's a lot, shamefully random, and runs a wide gamut. Feel free, if at all inclined to respond, to keep it brief and simple, take a pass on anything listed. Just want a sense for where you stand "here" and "there"/on "this" and "that".

Beck Protocol (blood electrification/silver pulser)

Beck's machine is just a poor quality knock off of the Rife technology. And they do not put out enough power to produce a true silver colloid.

FIR therapy (sauna/lamp)

I really don't see any way this would get rid of Candida.

Frequency (Once you mentioned the body's natural freq. Can you restate? Also, do you have any faith in Rife technology - minus the CAFL as a guide?)

Yes I have been working with Rife technology for nearly 2 decades. It works really well when the proper frequency is used. You do not need a bunch of different frequencies. Rife only kept 3 frequencies and two of them worked but much more slowly than the 666hz frequency. The reason the other two worked slower is that they were off by one. With all the success of 666hz on so many different diseases and conditions we have stuck to this single frequency. There is a basis for this that I am not very good at explaining and that Rife was unaware of. It was my father that figured out the link between the three frequencies and the body's primary frequency.

EPFX/SKIO (Any diagnostic value? Treatment potential?)

I am not really sold on this. I have only seen it used once and it was too vague in my opinion to be of any real use.

Ozonated water, ozonated oil

Ozonated water and ozone insufflation can both be helpful primarily because ozone is a great immune booster.



I have not looked in to Reich's work in a long time. I recall there were some safety issues with dealing with orgone in some manners, so I never really pursued it.


I really don't trust kinesiology. The problem is like with using pendulums in diagnosis. Any concious thought of what the answer could be can alter the test results. So if the tester is a firm believer of parasites or mercury being the cause of most illnesses this is likely what their testing will confirm. The same if they are selling a product and therefore they think this "will be good for you" again the testing will reflect this. The testing can be accurate as long as the tester can really clear their mind, which takes a lot of practice.

Homeopathic remedies


I have used these a few times with great results, but I have never gotten in to them primarily because they tend to be very symptom specific. Herbs can cover more bases at once.

Bach Flower

Very similar to homeopathic.

Olive leaf extract


This is an herb I have never really worked with. Prior to it becoming very popular in the AIDS community about a decade ago its primary use was as a sedative. Then it was reported in an AIDS newsletter to work against the HIV virus and next thing you know it was being promoted for all sorts of infections. But the preparation was long and slow, not just a simple steeped tea. So I have stuck with easier to use herbs that I had seen work very well.

Caprylic acid

This is a good antifungal. Unrefined coconut oil is a good source.


A good strong antiseptic and analgesic.

Tea tree oil

Eucalyptus oil is just as effective and is a fraction of the cost. Both are good antiseptics though.

Coconut oil


Source of antifungal caprylic acid.


This is a good antifungal and contains some of the same active compounds as found in clove and eucalyptus oil. There are a large number of herbs out there with anti-fungal properties though, and many are so much easier to obtain and cheaper. For example rosemary, which like horopito also contains pinene.

Enzymes:(Digestive (Digest Gold/Nattokinase/Serrapeptase/Candex/Threelac)

I am not a big fan of enzymes. Some of the enzymes you mentioned would not have any effect on Candida to begin with. And others such as the amylases and cellulases will just provide more sugar to feed the Candida, and the cellulase will decrease fibers to feed the flora. I also worry about the enzymes substituting for the body's production of enzymes and therefore shutting down the body's production.

Himalayan Salt

A little bit each day can help with providing minerals, with stomach acid production and for adrenal support.


Zeolites are aluminum silicates. I am still leery about the ingestion of zeolites. The MLM companies claim that the aluminum is not released by the stomach acid, but then again they also say you will be a millionaire within a year among the many other hyped claims. I really don't trust a thing MLM companies say. So until I see some independent studies on the subject I will stick to using zeolites for my aquarium, but not for ingestion.

Mercury toxicity (its validity and/or its role in/relationship with fungal infections)

I really don't buy in to all the mercury hype. I do think mercury is toxic, but I think the whole danger of amalgams has really been over hyped. Again studies have shown that the majority of the mercury is released from the amalgams within the first 2 years of being implanted. So I think that these people claiming mercury toxicity from their amalgams 20 to 30 years after having them put in are either misdiagnosing themselves or are talking themselves in to becoming sick by believing the hype.


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