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What people are saying about Dr. McCombs and the McCombs Plan
Dr.Jeff Views: 2,606
Published: 12 years ago

What people are saying about Dr. McCombs and the McCombs Plan

For the rest of you guys that missed it, I thought it was really informative. There's so much jumbled information on the internet with a lot of conflicting instructions about how to get rid of candida. It was nice to hear Dr. McCombs speak about his plan and about candida. He is obviously extremely knowledgeable and well informed and it shows in this interview. It's so refreshing to hear someone who knows what they are talking about instead of people who are just in the business of holistic health and they are advertising products they don't really understand.


There are many stricter elimination diets and other candida remedies but none are as clear about their instructions or as easy to use as the McCombs plan. I created my own plan (consisting of the strictest elements of every candida regimen I could find online) and followed that for 6 weeks before switching to the McCombs plan. One thing that stood out was he mentioned patients of his say that fruits never tasted so sweet and I can attest to this. I'm in week 2 of McCombs and eating fresh apples is heavenly. I can't remember anything tasting so good, I feel like I'm in the garden of Eden.


Your program gave me the most success I've ever had. I'm glad to have found you here because I couldn't remember the name of your book - LifeForce, and I can now pull it back off the shelf to review and start sweating again too. :o)


I'm almost through week 9 and I feel incredible.


Thanks Jeff, you are always informative, direct, and prompt. I recommended my friend with the ringworm to start the McCombs plan (since at worst it can't hurt anyway) and my sister is going to be order the full pack this week also!


Dr Jeff I think your posts in this thread are the most genuine I've ever read on I am a member of this website, only through desperation of my symptoms that I've attributed to Candida through my own diagnosis.
Every other post I've ever read on this website has had an element to is that's made me think "hmm, not quite sure about that!", "You've just copied and pasted that!", or "That's a bit too far beyond my belief system" etc.
I can tell from reading this thread that you seem to be genuinely clued up on Candida.


I did the plan 4 or 5 years ago, so I don't remember many of the details. I do know that it helped me with post nasal drip and depression. It also made me become more aware of what was going on in my body. I'm glad I did the plan.


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your taking the time to answer my personal questions. It really means a lot to me. I can now see why Kevin Trudeau speaks so highly of you. I can't wait to start the plan. Iím going to save some money and buy the complete set of supplements all at once since its cheaper and the book is included, and then hopefully start it Dec 1st. I'm also really lucky because this past summer my dad purchased a far infrared sauna. So the sweating will be a non issue for me. Iím excited to start it and look forward to nothing but positive results. Hopefully I will be frantically trying to contact you around March or April to tell you how great I feel. Thanks again.


I am about 10 days into the program and thought I would map out my results out there for everyone. You guys can look back periodically to see how I am doing and maybe get inspired to do it for yourself.
So far what I have noticed is joint tightness and pain decrease. So more fluid movement in knees. Better looking skin . The pinkness is returning. Food cravings nearly gone. I admit I may have eaten a little to many brown rice cakes but...
I only cheated once and that was by accident I eat some frozen blueberries that is not on the plan because of the sugar content. I didn't know it wasn't on the plan until I saw it on the site.
I am sweating 6 days a week at the local ymca and it really helps me relax.
The oral thrush on my tongue has nearly been cut in half

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