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Re: Want to End it All - I had the same issue- CURE!- WARNING- LONG POST
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Want to End it All - I had the same issue- CURE!- WARNING- LONG POST


I know exactly how you feel. I've been dealing with my odorS for 20 years. I have 2 children- 17 and 12. I've been married for 9 years. It all started when I was molested by my cousin who was carrying both tric*sp and gonorrhea. I contracted both of these. I was too embarrassed to discuss this with my parents as they acknowledged the smell of fish-- they weren't aware of the molestation. But I would lie and say I just didn't bathe. I carried these diseases until I went (unbeknown to me) to college in 1990.

I had dealt with the students, even the teachers making fun of me. I knew something was wrong... I was naive, scared, and being from a very rural area, I had no idea how to deal with this. Well, finally I was ordered by the school to take a physical and my issue (diseases) were revealed. I was given the "horse pill" (for those old enough to remember those). My issue was cured for a while.

Awhile later I'd gotten my first steady boyfriend and he passed BV to me. I underwent months of Antibiotic treatments, only to have the BV come back. Again, I went through another series of months of Antibiotics because the BV kept reoccurring. Finally, my dumbnut doctor got a clue to treat my then boyfriend and I. By then, it was too late. I was ridding my body of BV (it was no longer showing up on the PAP smear). But the discharge and smell remained... I'd not been the same since. I went to countless doctors over the years, only to have most of them laugh in my face. They would swear to me they didn't smell a thing. But they would spray the room when I left. Over the years, the smell alternated from fish, spoiled milk, old bread or yeast. It was horrible enough to fill an entire room.

Finally in '06, I gave up on conventional medicine and started to use a detox regime called the Ultimate Cleanse. All of the smells went away. I don't think the regime completely cleansed my colon. It just seems to have toned it so I can eliminate for 2-3 times daily. This worked for awhile.

Around a few months of feeling sparkling clean--still using the UltimateCleanse, the fecal and rotten egg odors started... I was heartbroken. I figured I had to try something new. I went on the Master Cleanse. Using the senna tea caused me to pass a lot of mucus. And It reeked of dead fish. I noticed that anytime I'm passing that mucus, I smell of fish. It was horrible. I figured I would continue the Cleanse until the mucus is gone. This worked... All the smells were completely gone.

As soon as I started my regular diet-- still no junk food, about a month later, the fecal odor returned. I went on a vegan diet. The fecal odor went away but the fishy smell returned!!! Jesus!!! I stayed on the vegan diet for a year.

In 07, I gave up and went to a naturopath. At the time, the smells-- ALL OF THEM--- returned. Mind you, I was still on a mostly vegan diet. The naturopath tested me through my saliva using BIOSCAN. He found that I'm lactose-intolerant; I'm sensitive to fats and oils; my liver is not processing sulfur compounds -Hence the rotten eggs smell. I also have a mutation of one of my DNA genes -- sorry I'm not sure which one. The naturopath put me on Sulphur 6x four times a day; lactase 250mg at every meal containing meats and/or milk. On the first day, all the odors except the fishy one disappeared.

I'm sorry to say today that the fish smell is still an issue-- I'm still passing that mucus-- my gastro just diagnosed me with IBS. I still get the other odors every now and then if I don't take my sulphur once a week
(I've been dealing with this for so long, I stop taking the sulphur out of anger--- crazy as it might seem.) But that sulphur definitely cured the rotten egg smell on the same day. PLEASE try it!!!! Let me know how it works out.


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