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Re: anyone tried mms for acne?
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: anyone tried mms for acne?

hello Dandelion,

Looks like part three to post, on top of the gums and foot problems.

I have seen my blood under the dark microscopy and also a rather wide series of tests by a naturopath [pretty much chakra paths computerized resistance testing in August 2009.

Candida and two major fungal infections identified by the method plus the dark field microscope revealing balls of fungi in the blood sample.

19 days Water Fast [end of August to mid September] helped with a lot with a few things, mostly the digestive system, which it straightened to perfection, but not with the problems associated with the blood fungal infestation.

Oral Miracle-Mineral-Supplement up to 30 drops a day has had a major effect on the fungi though. My last computerized check 27 Oct. 2009 showed all my chakra paths on line, plus it showed all 3 fungal infections well into normal levels. By this time, I was off the internal Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for three weeks.

Beware though. If your lad goes for it, he better start low and build up slowly. I assure you that going fast up with the dosage will get to him in a way he has not probably experienced in his life. The first sigh of soft stool, back off even for a day, then start below where it begun giving trouble. Same with any sigh of nausea. I am a brave man and did not heed this and was I sorry :-)

Anyway, it sure works, but I would not use it orally, I mean internally, on permanent basis.

There is a little thing though. Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is for all practical purposes a rather fast detox. Acne appears to be a way of body detoxing on ongoing bases through the skin. Put one and one together, I would not be surprised if the Acne got initially rather worse when doing internal MMS. If it were me, I would start on topical MMS on a small patch of skin at least three times a day and see what happens with the acne. If it should work, I would first get the Acne and then go internally.

If the topical did not work, I would go very slowly with internal MMS, even if it were to take a month to get to some 6 drops 3x a day.

I would also take sodium bicarbonate 1/2 teaspoon a day along with MMS.

As for the use of MMS, I found out that a regime of 8 hour periods = 3x a day, worked the best for me. MMS oxidizes anything, therefore even the food. It better be taken consistently on empty stomach, otherwise it is partially exhausted in the small intestine. Taken on empty stomach therefore guaranties consistency with which it gets picked up by the body.

Next thing is mineral supplementation. Jim Humble spells it quite clearly that internal MMS will cause a higher rate of mineral depletion. I would not go overboard, but some 20 mg Iodine with a bit of selenium would be sensible. Next would be topical magnesium chloride in the form of magnesium oil
rubbed over some 50% of the body preferably in the morning as if it were a suntan lotion.

These would cover at least the most prominent mineral deficiencies in western diet [90% and more of the population] depending on who is the judge of what constitutes a deficiency. From what I have dug through, it looks to me that 100% describes it by far the best for all three of them, i.e. iodine, magnesium and selenium.

Internal alkalizing with soda bicarbona, or even topical use on the acne, is quite likely to help as well. It should change the PH so, that the bacteria as well as fungi should deteriorate. It should not be used permanently though, definitely not internally.

With kind regards, Slavek.


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