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Using medicated cream on dog's skin infection?? (RG??)
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Published: 12 years ago

Using medicated cream on dog's skin infection?? (RG??)

My dog has been going through a lot of issues with allergies (we think), causing major skin itching and scratching.

Recently I found some bumps/sores. It reminded me of when a previous dog I had was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She has similar symptoms -- increase in appetite, skin lesions, itching.

We went to the vet yesterday, and she said the lesions are a skin infection. She said it could be caused from hypothyroidism -- lowered immune system making her suseptible to infections. It could also be because of basic allergies/immunity. I have been giving her an immune support supplement for probably a year because of other allergy issues.

The vet said that most creams would actually cause the infection to take longer to heal, because they keep it moist. I mentioned the Humaworm cream having natural healing ingredients. She did say that tea tree oil would help and that I could even swab the sores with witch hazel to help dry them out.

Do you see anything in the cream that would be harmful to use on her? Would it burn the sores if they become open? I have used it on her skin before when she was just itching without sores, and it brought temporary relief to the itching.

I'm not concerned with her licking it. When I used it before, I told her not to lick it one time, and she never did after that. I just want to make sure it would be okay on the open sores/skin infection issues.

By the way, I get bloodwork done on her once or twice a year to keep up on things because of the huge amounts of health issues my last dog had, and I always wished I had known about her problems sooner. This has caused me to catch a high BUN level in Haley before any kidney problem symptoms showed. I was able to find a supplement geared towards renal support, and her levels are now normal. It's hard to tell how they would be if I hadn't done that. I do get her thyroid tested, too. A couple times ago, one level (don't remember which level in the thyroid test and don't have it with me right now) was high. The vet just told me today that typically in a dog the only time that level is high is if there is a mass. Her last results in March were in the normal range, but towards the high end. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are still in the normal range.

She has also had an increase in appetite and has been begging for dinner, which she never used to do. I thought she looked bigger. She's "fluffy", not fat ;) At the vet's office, it showed that she had lost about 4 pounds since March. I laughed and said their scales had to be wrong but weighed her at home and they were correct. If the weight loss isn't health related, I can only think that maybe I've been giving her more veggies in her dinner and less meat, because a lot of times I feel I am giving her too much food by the time I fill up her bowl. She typically gets meat and vegetables for dinner, and that's it. So maybe I have been loading up more on the veggies than meat.

Anyhow, I guess most of that was unrelated to Humaworm. Sorry about that. I just start rambling when it comes to my dog. Any info on the humaworm cream being used on open sores/skin infections would be great. Any other info on the other topics would also be welcomed. THANKS!!

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