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Re: Ionic foot bath color and gunk? I need some honest answers!

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Ionic foot bath color and gunk? I need some honest answers!

I understand your concerns. I had the same, before i tried the machine.
We had a lot of health problems and i was willing to try anything - so, I bought the machine anyway (under $300, Can't remember, of head, the name... something on B...)
Machine use Metal Coil - not plates and I must add their specially formulated Salt into the water.
Anyway, I tested that machine everyway i could, since i still was not sure if it really works...

Yes, everyone's water will be different - but NOT due to the REMNANTS (lotions, soap etc) on their feet! Come on!
People's feet not that dirty with "REMNANTS"!
We are not living in a mud swamps, running around barefooted!

OK, here, are our expiriences:
My husband first water was Black as Asphalt!
He is bathing (regular baths) 2 times a day - so, his feet were clean, no lotions, he wears white socks; so that black water was not from any "Remnants" on his feet.
Except, maybe light soap residue - but it is so insignificant (and it is not black!) - that there is nothing to talk about! It could not possibly give that tick, Dirty Water my husband "produced"! It was SCARY, how bad it was!
It was literally - Black Mud!!!
We all were shocked!

If, all that "Dirt" would came from the Metal Coil only - there would be no Coil left! To make that much gunk, mud, dirt - The coil would be totally dissolved! And it would not be Black - it all would be ORANGE Rusty color!

Only in a single session (at the beginning), The amount of black residue matter in our Waters - definetely prevailed the amount of metal in the Coil!
Each Coil - lasts approx. 30 sessions. (my lasted 35, i think)
If someone, thinks the Black Residue is coming from metal then, that Coil would not last me 30+ sessions
It would be gone in 1 or 2 session!
Especially, in case with my husband. I still have those Coils - could take a Pic, if you want! And i think, i took pic of "water' - have to search my old comp for it...
But, I did not safe the water or anylized it anywhere... Where could i go with it?

I hope, my explanation make sence to you as it did to me.

Anyway, back to Experiments:
My Water was Black too (with some orange residue from corrosion of metal coil + salt) but not as bad as my husband's.

Our Daughter's - was only orange - corrosion.
But, no Black speckles. And she is using Lotions on her feet ;-)

Also, I run Machine by itself - No feet! (full 30 minutes session) - and the water was the cleanest, but of course, slightly orange. It is NORMAL and EXPECTED to have Orange/Yellow Water - due to the Metal/Salt Corrosion. Metal is needed for electrical conductivity! I do not think, my Metal Coil was stainless steel - stainless does not corrode..
I think, it is intential - The reason? my guess, why it is not Stainless - b/c Manufaturers want that Residual income! To keep selling you those Coils/Plates & Salts!
If you buy Expencive Machine - as I remember, there is no need for Salt. I do not know, if the Plates needed to be changed and how often. When i was shoping for my machine, I remember, something like that - or you pay upfront big $$$ (expencive machine) - or continue to pay as you use (cheap machine)... I choose second option... For business - better expencive machine.

If, the Black matter in the Water, would be from Metal Coil/plate - it would produce Black Water no mater what - with Human Feet in it or without.
In my experiment - without Feet - water was Clean - just light yellow color. (metal+ salt=light corrosion)
So, All those gunk, mud, black speckles - everything(!) comes from the feet!
So, Now, i am a believer.

Also, the longer we used the Machine - the Cleaner water became. My husband did like 30 sessions, until it "normalized"
I did like 20.
And I did change the "Coil" - i had 2.
I thought, maybe, water is cleaner because, coil was "wearing" off?
No, My TEST show - our water was still "clean" - as with the old Coil, after dozens of sessions.

OTHER Experiments I did:
I did personally 2 sessions on a row.
(Not recommended!)
I felt, very sick, nauseous - so, do not do it.
Even during single sessions - I had light "sucking" feelings inside of my internal organs, (like someone was sucking out something out of me with a tube or straw), so that 2 runs on the row - made me feel really bad!

My husband had Diabetes badly by that time (now, we basically reversed it without any drugs or insulin)
So, I was measuring his Blood Sugar Before & After sessions.
After the sessions (30 minutes) - his Blood Sugar would drop in average 30 points.

In addition, we did tons of all kind of other cleansing, natural therapies and changed our lifestyle.
Now, we are much much better! Cured & reversed many problems.

Good luck!
I hope, my personal expirience was helpfull.

I guess, some machines may not be equal...
I bought my from Salon/Spa Distributor - but this brand could be found on ebay much cheaper - like $100 or so.
I paid more - b/c i wanted to make sure it is legit & good.
It is, as i remember, European brand, (could check the name later) - but, made in China...
I got it approx. 2 years ago...


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