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Follow-up - Mental Disorders : Brief Analysis and My Opinions Of Dealing With Them
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Published: 15 years ago
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Follow-up - Mental Disorders : Brief Analysis and My Opinions Of Dealing With Them

Follow-up - Mental Disorders : Brief Analysis and My Opinions Of Dealing With Them


Actually, one thing to take note here is that the chemical imbalance in the brain (especially mood-regulator, Serotonin) leading to the mental disorder is actually caused by disturbances to one's mood in the very first place that might arise as a result of various emotionally unpleasant / unacceptable factors, scenarios, events, persons, surroundings, etc that are considered upsetting, distressing and even traumatic to certain people (resulting thus in disturbances to the normal functionings of neurotransmitter chemical, Serotonin and then such chemical imbalance in the brain). All in all, the question as to whether a person facing or confronting with such emotionally unpleasant / unacceptable factors, scenarios, events, persons, surroundings, etc will eventually suffer from mental disorder or not, that would largely and mostly depend on how good or how bad one is able to tolerate, put up and adapt oneself to all such emotionally unpleasant / unacceptable adversities without getting emotionally disturbed in the end.

Next, for drugs such as anti-depressants and anti-anxieties (for neurosis - less serious mental disorder) and antipsychotics / neuroleptics (for psychosis- more serious mental disorder characterized by serious hallucinations, and in fact, the powerful mind-altering agents), they are in fact a simplified way of chemical solution to various mental disorders.

In such a connection, their chemical mechanism is such that they would serve to artificially block the negative nerve impulses (negative thoughts, feelings, emotions etc) from getting sent to the brain, and thus temporarily stop a person from getting upset, distressed, depressed etc throughout the effective period of the each drug dosage (that may last for mere hours). In the process of doing so and given the fact that the entire mechanism is purely artificial by drug interception rather than natural, the synaptic activities of the neurons and the neurotrasmitters chemicals especially Serotonin and Dopamine (the neurotransmitter chemical responsible for human bodily movements) etc of the nervous systems would unavoidably be interferred and antagonized in the end.

Subsequently, such a phenomenon would then eventually lead to certain neurological / neuromuscular and in the worst case scenario, the neuro-degenerative symptoms getting developed as the side effects of these drugs for mental disorders. And hence, modern medical science actually tries to overcome such these problems by inventing the more and more advanced versions of the newer and better drugs with ever-decreasing harmful side effects from time to time for the sake of the health cares and well-beings of the ones using them. 

At the same time,  another thing to take note as well is such that since the human bodies would gradually develop tolerances for any medications, including the ones for mental disorders, and especially the ones that are fed to them repeatedly over the long-term, such medications for mental disorders would hence become addictive themselves whereby larger and larger dosages would gradually be required from time to time to achieve the similar therapeutical effects, and then eventually, they would lose their intended artificial curative effects particularly when they are over-relied upon to the point of sheer abuse whilst no other non-medicational efforts are taken to deal with such mental disorders.


As such, given the ultimately inevitable risks of side effects of such drugs, my opinions are such that the more practical and realistic solution to mental disorders is such that whilst taking the related drugs to curb and bring down the uncontrollable symptoms of mental disorders, such as feelings of deep depressions, deep hallucinations, violent emotional outbursts etc, as well as making the necessary efforts to benefit oneself to the best possible extent from the newer and better drugs with ever-decreasing harmful neurological side effects for such mental disorders which are invented from time to time by the modern medical science, such medications should be used wisely with all the precautionary measures. Whilst at the same time, other non-medicational efforts of emotional and communication supports from the others etc to cheer and brighten up one's mood and spirit as well as the related self-control efforts (to control one's mood and tempers) should thus also be taken at the same time to deal with such mental disorders more effectively towards the goals of gradual improvements as well as final and full recoveries.


Additiional Explanations :


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