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Re: Attention Please! HEALING IP TESTIMONY by Miss H!!!
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Attention Please! HEALING IP TESTIMONY by Miss H!!!

Anja, I can help with that one a little bit.

DON'T WAIT for some spiritual shift to happen before you start. It helps if you believe beforehand, but you'll be believing in 30 days at the end of round 1 even if you were skeptical before.

When I did it, I felt "good" at the end of 30 days, but not to the ecstatic point that Miss H reached. I couldn't do the program with the energy Miss H put into it, although I gave it all I had. Different people are going to go at different rates and get different results.

However, when I got to around days 40-45-50 of the program, I started lifting higher in my spirit and definitely felt better. Once I got to the point where I felt lighter- and I mean "light-filled," I could tell a physical healing was taking place.

Honestly, the Incurables Program, or even just the Natural Healing program if you want to go slower, is simple, simple, simple. The herbs either clean the gunk out of your essential organs and bloodstream, or they support specific body systems (e.g. hawthorn berries for heart support). You stop eating crap (junk food), you slam your body with live plant enzymes and nutrition and superfoods instead, and you adopt a healthy lifestyle of exercising daily, getting enough rest, removing stress and unhappiness, catching some rays, enjoying sex with a great partner if you have one, and laughing a lot.

Miss H got about 20 feet of plaque out of her colon and did a great job of pest control. I'm sensing she's thinking she's got more of that kind of thing to do. But once she got a bunch of garbage out and cleaned her house (body), her body said "thank you," and has been much more adept at healing her respiratory system and some of the other things that have been bothering her.

The thing about it, and Uny mentioned this, is that you have to take/make the time to do it. It has to be important enough to you, because it DOES take effort and discipline. But if you're willing to do the hard work, you'll get hard core results. I honestly and truthfully believe that there is a healing miracle available for anyone who wants one.

Uny's amazing as a coach. She doesn't tell you what to do. She just calls plays from the sidelines. You are the player out there on the field. You're the one with the goal in mind. You're the one who scores touchdowns despite the burly defensive linemen in front of you. You're the one who has to lift weights and be on the practice field at the crack of dawn and eat the right kind of diet. Uny just says "You want to win a championship ring? Let's study the playbook and get going."

Miss H scored a touchdown and won the game. She won because she was on a great team (the forum), had a great coach (Uny), had awesome fans (her adoring husband and friends), had the right equipment (the IP kit), a winning attitude, and she put in the sweat equity.

You can do it, too.



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