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Image Embedded For those who can't see the original...Re: To 92910/ clarify --- Re: Attention Please! HEALING IP TESTIMONY by Miss H!!!

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Published: 12 years ago
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For those who can't see the original...Re: To 92910/ clarify --- Re: Attention Please! HEALING IP TESTIMONY by Miss H!!!

Greetings of health!

I (and apparently most everyone) that has read this thread and viewed these pictures understood by looking at them that they were taken in different lighting in different backgrounds. Miss H told us:

"I've included a before and after photo. Please note - there's no make-up or special sad or purposeful happy faces in either one. What you're looking for here is energy, the energy of the spirit before and after".

92910, I sincerely apologize, if my cross-posting Miss H's healing victory into various forums without posting all the other links of her 30 day report and healing thread, brought 'just the one, out of context' to your attention, and then caused you some kind of doubt & frustration (about Miss H's character & integrity, or about the truths of natural healing). But I can assure you (as can dozens of very real people in her life that she has selflessly assisted along various healing pathways, some of which I have spoken to personally) that Miss H's character is not in question in any way, and she is not a liar (if that's what was was being insinuated and causing frustration). She said the images were both taken without make-up...perhaps you're a guy, and you can't easily discern like a woman can that it is/was obvious that both photos were taken without make-up (albeit with different backgrounds, which would cause different color tints). And having tried to take 'identical photos' of myself (for the same purpose that she did), I know that it's virtually impossible to 'pose' with every 'nuance of expression' like the previous...especially when the photos were taken 30 days apart. It is my belief personally that we should extend love & respect to our fellow brothers and sisters and "assume honesty" first. At least, I find that people love & respect me more when I do that :)

In the image below, I've taken out all color and cropped the images, so the background, shades of color, and her hair don't come into play. I think you'll see precisely what she stated she was attempting to show us...that the energy of her spirit has changed substantially for the better! (even if there is just the wee-tiniest difference in the 'upturn' of her lips...the window to her soul -her eyes- and the rest of her countenance radiate & resonate an increase in absolute Light that was clearly 'less' in the original image).


92910, apparently/perhaps (?) you didn't have a chance to read more than the one post that I provided the link for - there are several more posts directly beneath it, where Miss H elaborated (and beautifully, if I do say so myself, lol) very fully what all she's done therapeutically and the wonderful healing results she's experienced (and the how & why of a lot of it). It seems that if one had seen & read 'the rest of the story' in context with the first post with the images, it would have been easier to not assume/post that Miss H's pictures were somehow intended to be misleading.

Of course, no one on Curezone is required to post ANY pictures of anything to "prove" their healing. I'd like to hope (I do hope) that the thousands of past healing testimonies (and those to come) throughout CZ do not have to be accompanied by "persnickety perfect" series of photographs in order to validate the honesty & character of those that are healing themselves and posting their trials & victories.

And I also hope and pray (very strongly and most sincerely) that humanity has not degraded to the point that when someone invests great amounts of energy, time & money to achieve a wondrous healing through hard work, diligence & sacrifice, and then victoriously achieves it...AND then blesses their fellow brothers & sister by sacrificing another HUGE part of day to painstakingly compile such a glorious and eloquent post to inspire others selflessly....that it will not be met with skepticism of character and faithlessness in their honesty & integrity. But sadly, this degradation of society is something that must be contended with for ALL who valiantly walk (or attempt to walk) in Truth & Light.

On a more personal note, I would like to add something I haven't yet had the time to say, and that is this: MISS H!!! You have no IDEA how much I admire and respect your total lack of ego (and your total selflessness for the benefit of us all) in posting that "before" picture. Truly & really, I strive constantly to abolish the unhealthy aspects of my ego, but in that first picture (although you're still a beautiful woman), it is clear that you really were in need of healing & restoration of your triune self. Virtually all women (and most men) would NOT have had the cojones (nor the true sense of self and who & what they really are) to publicly post 'the evidence'. And for that, I feel you deserve immense amount of applause, kudos and praise!!

Thank you, Miss H, for blowing open/away yet another negative paradigm and Belief System in our society...and for being a voice that encourages others and a torch of Light that shines BRILLIANTLY along the way!

I'm with Telly, you're my hero!!

Blessings & joy -


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