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Re: EXPERIENCE: how liverflush ruined my life/health even further! long post but worth the read
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: EXPERIENCE: how liverflush ruined my life/health even further! long post but worth the read

keferklan..AMEN..finally someone with some common sense..after reading through every one of the posts on this topic I kept asking when is someone going to post information as to the right way to approach a process such as a liver cleanse and you have done so.

CZ is a wonderful site to find good useful information on how to heal ones self with alternative methods and gain support in the process.

After involving myself in alternatives for over 17 years I have noticed that many of the professional's have the right approach but lack one one or two important aspects in their process's.

Schulze concentrates on bowel cleansing first and foremost BEFORE going on to any other type of cleansing. The reason is backups in the colon and he knows most peoples problems begin and end there so when starting any of these programs one must first make sure that a clean path has been established to eliminate what must come out. If not then things get stuck, backup the process and eventually cause problems..colonics are great BUT they do not do the whole job.

Hulda Clark approaches parasites with extreame predjudice and rightfully so...they are a major problem in our bodies. Her parasite program is one of the best.

pH is another area of great concern and once one understands the in's and out's of maintaining the right balance the real healing process begins.

One thing that is most lacking in all of these get yourself heathy and clean out your body programs don't talk about is water and the right way to use it.

When someone asks me what is the right approach to good health I tell them the first step is to learn about water. A good book to start with is "YOUR BODIES MANY CRIES FOR WATER". Once you have learned how to hydrated your body then begin the next process.

Step two begin by cleaning out your colon. You must think through your body process's and then work backwards. That means after the water education begin clearing out, cleaning out and get your colon working as it should. Once this path is cleared then move on to the next step. BTW I also believe Schulze has one of the best programs around. His website is:

If you feel his products are expensive then try the heal marketplace ( as an alternative. These girls were/are students of Dr. Schulze .

As to pH and using pure minerals to effect deficencies in the body try Understanding mineral deficencies is a must for good health. A good book that explains alot about minerals and their effects is "DEAD DOCTORS DONT LIE".

I find the largest problem with new persons approach to good health is that no one puts together a complete program with a common sense explaination providing the whole picture and processe's necessary for doing so.

Knowing that each of us is different and that different process's work for different people it would be good if CZ put together a thread that addressed newby's only with good information and constuctive program(s). It should be on every page that appears with a statement...."IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS SITE AND FEEL YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRY SOME OF THESE PROGRAMS THEN EDUCATE YOURSELF FIRST" START HERE with a link to good common sense information for the newby.

I wish someone would have saved me all the time, money and frustration that I had to go through over the years to find the TRUTH and the WAY to good health.



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