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Re: obama may well have had the worse 1st year of any president in history.
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: obama may well have had the worse 1st year of any president in history.

tiki, you also said:

You and your hysterical friends helped the insurance industry spread false information (lies) so that many people (those that aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer kind) actually believed that without the public option, insurance companies, out of the goodness of their hearts, are going to lower rates.


Me and my friends did this? I have never heard of these lies? Who are my supposed friends who have done this?

Who the hell, in their right mind, believes that Insurance rates are going to go down?

Speaking about lies...... If you are going to make up things, please pick something a little more believable.

As for Obama'z eonomic policies, what is the alternative that you propose? Tell me and explain how it will work to improve the economy.

Did I run for President? Did I say that I had all of the answers? Did I say that I was qualified to run this country?

Even if I suggested something, that is NEVER going to prove that Obama is competent and experienced and knowledgeable about the complex problems that he is faced with.

Do you feel that someone without experience can solve complex problems for which he knows very little about, like Obama?

What I wouldn't do is do what Obama is doing by bankrupting our economy and driving down the value of our money without any plans to create long term business growth which would spur job creation and job growth. To dump trillions into unaudited programs of limited value is insane!

I am pretty sure that you are another one of those lemmings that follow the right wing nuts' bashing without having any proposals of their own.


I have many proposals of my own. First of all I am an Atheist.

I would legalize gay unions. I would legalize abortions and allow Medicare and Medicaid coverage. I would require passing a difficult test to earn the right to vote or to run for office. I would ban the practice of Islam and turn all Mosques into either Churches or Temples. I would do honest, effective health care system reform, including tort reform. I would require Teachers and Principals to pass rigorous tests before they could be hired or continue their trade. I would require student to pass rigorous testing before they graduated to the next level. I would have strict anti-pollution laws, and companies criminally violating our air or water would be heavily fined and even imprisoned. I would not supply free legal help to felons. There is a lot more, but this is enough for now.







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