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Published: 12 years ago
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I was able to use the zapper/frequency generator with contact devices only (footpads & handholds) before and now I am able to use the "wireles" option - using F165 with the scalar device (aka magic bean).
You were asking somewhere if/what difference it makes.
I can tell you that using the 'wireless' / contact devices is like using the Cell Phone / land line phone comparison.
F165 can be programmed for long treatments (if and when appropriate) and it would be un-imaginable to sit with the contact devices for example for 3-5 or more hours.
So the freedom of being able to do (literally) anything else while treating your body is a HUGE advantage - at least I find it amazing that the little black box works regardless if I am sitting next to it or I am accross the town (or I could be accross the globe or on Mars and it still would find me and work the frequencies that I will program for me!!- a bit scary maybe in a way that technology like this can be misused too, but amazing I think for the purpose we are using it for).
Also, the ability to treat more than one person at the same time (in case the same program could be used) - I think that's the best advantage.
Perhaps you knew all this,but I thought I'll share my experience so far. Truth is, we don't know how (if in any way) it could influence /interfer with some other things that are unknown(i.e. cellphones and unknowns -re: does it really interfere with the brain and does it cause some damage etc. etc.) - so this is also unknown I think.
Otherwise it's a great advantage in every forseeable way over the manually holding onto the contact devices.

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