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Bones by MH
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Published: 12 years ago
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Bones by MH

Ya know;

There are thousands upon thousands of herbal/medical/vitamin products sold in this world..........

The commercial products must follow world wide laws adding chemicals for de-population, such as edta/titanium dioxides, vitamin C and a host of acids and brain modifieing addiction chemicals to get your continue business, etc.....

The internet sells billions of $$$ worth of trash products yearly....not because the products work; but because like a moth going to the electric light;;;;the consumers just can't help them selves as they are attracted to fancy animation, pretty colors, slick web stores and naturlaly; they love to read lies and want so despartly to believe these lies....EVERYONE wants to reverse the clock, beat NATURE and cheat GOD.................its the human way!

The one indicator that tells the story are our bones! ALL humans consuming the wrong diet, have stomachs loaded with acids and these acids enter their small intestines, burns holes in them, forcing them to become thick and useless and as well; these acids must be neutrilized and our blood stream acheives this by robbing the blood of the alkaline minerals such as plant produced calcium.

This all leads to hollow bones; not to mention the syphilis/lymes worms that desire to eat the joints/spine out of your body..................

Acids do not help human health; they lower your pH and eat your BONES! Lugol's Iodine, Vitamin C have lead to such premature deaths in the modern human race as have most all Vitamin Products. The acids in pop/soda/drinks/coffee/tea and virtually every commercial food that doesn't decay as fast as Nature designed is covered in man manipulated acids to retard bacteria growth.....such foods are very toxic to human health and longevity.

Stomach Acids produced by the human stomach are 100+X more deadly than the above mentioned man manipulated acids; for the simple fact, the ILL STOMACH continues to pour out acids that enter into the small intestines 24/7 and drains the blood stream of alkaline minerals...often for most all of the adult life for many humans.

They are all killers and they shorten life in the long run. Bacteria eventually always wins out; eventually all decays as bacteria eats it up and returns it to the earth.

There is no real hope for those consuming vitamin c type chemical acids and man made iodine products regardless what crazy name they call them to deceive the customers...they are still very harmful acids, as are many drugs/vitamins and chemicals added to foods/drinks and even within the air we breathe..

City folks, people living near large highways and basically all congested areas where lots of humans live are all areas maxed out with acids in the air or commonly called air POLLUTIONS>>>>

The delima is we have millions of humans seeking products based on lies; products they hope will help them "LIVE" in this toxic world.

It can't take an herbal powder (capsule)and do much more than cover it with acids and mush it up. Based on how well it can break down and the liver/intestines/blood stream can assimulate these herbal minerals will determine what value it even the best stuff, can end up being worthless stuff for the already ill human...they do not have a stomach capable of supporting good health.

The best medical doctors, suggested many years ago, long before I was born; that everything you eat/drink is all just TRASH, the making of your next POOP/PEE and NOTHING MORE....never supplying 1 atom of usable material for the support of the human body....they believed the foods that did enter the blood stream and never could be expelled throgh the very delecate kidneys, all exits the blood into the lymph glands. Once in the lymph glands, these accumulated food waste travel the lymph glands for very long periods of time; for some people, this can mean these waste seek to be returned to the colon for removal. These doctors suggested the lymph glands may be the REAL STOMACH; that what enters the lymph glands and is broken down by bacteria/parasites, etc...for very long periods of time; actually may become a usable food (MAYBE)....

THOSE with some common health sense can NOW see the relationship between the HUMANS and the PLANTS....well....maybe I can enlighten you that don't see the picture clear enough as of yet:

Plants can ONLY absorb rock minerals after earth bacteria have eaten these rock type minerals for many years, possible hundreds if not thousands of YEARS......then these microscopic minerals are stored in the tree roots and when ready, are pushed upwards into the leaves and fruits and our SUN does it's final magic on these minerals and turn's them into "ORGANIC" plant minerals that are now suitable for human consumption...that is; if the human still has a usable alkaline stomach.

Like plants, humans can not assimulate ROCK, no mater how small it is made....if rock enters the human, enters the blood stream; it will either clog the kidneys or enter the lymph glands and depending on how well they function...these rock minerals could remain in your body for the rest of your life and slowly be expelled in your skin, your hair, all your entire body as the elimination organs have failed from too much ROCK...........

Everytime you swollow saliva in a mouth that has metals, every vitamin, every drug, every bad food, every bad drink, every bad breath of air...ALL leads up to your accumulations of inorganic rock.

Man, those too educated scientist many years ago, learn how to take rock and manipulate with lazer and make thr rock so small, you can't see it with the human eye and they call it VITAMIN and usually sell it as a water type vitamin.....regardless how small the rock, it is still rock and actually all rock that enters the blood stream rapidly is poison...poison is just a nam for a substance that enters and disturbs the chemical balance of the human system.

These same evil type over educated scientist about 100 years ago learned/mastered killing humans and manipulating humans with inorganic rock...........for the past 70 years they have sprayed our air, added to our water and foods; these very toxic inorganic rock minerals in a method to control the human mineral balance. Hitler opened the eyes of this world with the manipulation of Aluminum in Poland and the Jewish peoples..Russia and the USA took off with this experiment and started manipulating all the people on earth by 1950...seeking to turn all humans into obedient slaves for the pope/one world government.

We are 60 years deep into world wide poisoning.....the fastest growing population is the "deformed" population. Humans with low I/Q, dissabilities of every kind..perversion of EVERY KIND as evil influences flood these sickly human bodies.

EVIL has taken over, it is the growing mass that covers this earth like swamp water.

Hollow Bones are a result of clogged elimination organs, massive accumulations of waste and a body designed to be tunneled by worms...

The human body is very, very hard to KILL. It is designed to last thousands of years.

It must be clogged, rotted and eaten piece by piece and be at least 85% non functional often before it is is PAIN and more often than not; the drugs used to control such pain, are the drugs that finaly kills the function of the LIVER and the human eventually stops eating and drinking and 6-7 days later teir dry tongue is swallowed and the blockage of air finally kills the body...


The saddest thing of all; these website stores, grocery stores, drug stores, manufacturers, world leaders, etc., etc., etc.....are so blinded by greed and desire for evil...they are clueless how the human body functions to the point that it has "LIFE"

People today are actually real true zombies...WHY? Because they have been trained to be STUPID in public/government controlled stupid; they STUMBLE through life like blinded ignorant zombies. Working often all their life having no clue what life really is all about past their next high, the next tv show...

I truely honestly have never figured out how so many zombies can drive cars and not cause thousands upon thousands of car wrecks every amazes me how these 85% dead people can operate a vehical at 70 mph..

When you think about the tons of drugs flowing through the arteries of humans behind the wheel; it is truely an amazing thing to see thousands of cars jamming the highways around cities.
I am stupid, I don't remember 99% of what I read, have not learned .001% of what all humans should have been taught as children in "school" about human life on planet earth and I truely have stumbled 50 years on earth as a zombi like creature falling prey to every predator along my path. That is the life the first church/government wants for all humans on earth; so a select few don't have to work other than to think of ways to manage our populations and our destinies....

If a human had a decent education; perhaps as the schools had before the pope slaughtered 70 million + men and burned the libraries, burned the schools and made sure every teacher was burned alive at the IRON STAKE...then maybe a child could have a life understanding the human body and how to care for it...

DOES a single human on this planet "KNOW" what their human body is and how to care for it????????????? Probably not; thanks to those who seek to control us all. Keep us stupid and we will be like slaves. Load out blood with aluminum and we will walk and talk like zombies....keep us dumbed down..because if they don't; we may wake up out of our zombi state and realize, we are actually God's Creation with powers beyond our imaginations..............


So when you pop your next pill, drink your next potion, eat your next plate of slop....can you help but wonder if your being poisoned? Do you really even care? Often people are so poisoned, they have no way left to even wonder....they may have never experienced 1 healthy day in their entire life.

What I call BOOK I is an introductory level medical written simple, a chil can understand the proper human diet...yet, I will estimate 90% of the adults that read it, skip all the education the author had to offer and goes right to the alternatives in the back of the book for those that "refuse" to live well. Then, 99% won't stick with even the alternatives for more than 30 days and go right back into the paper/rock/cardboard diet of commercial manufacturers....this is why Dr. John R. Christopher called the human race a bunch of lazy geese....we will take the low road of eze, even if we know it is leading us right to the hunter that will end our misseriable lives.

I try anything of reason, have been for 20+ years to save my own life...Lugol's Iodine is not real, it is just an acid product. Thanks to Dr. Hulda Clark, she put the formula in her books and idiots like me, made it. I tried it for 6+ doesn't work, it is just an acid. I put an Iodine book together to explain what I beleive about IODINE. I beleive every Iodine made form chemicals is bad, real bad. Regardless what all the sales people say about it to make their sales...we all know, millions of people lie every day to make the sale $$$$$$ and many times, it may take a human 5+ years to realize the side effects....

YES, we can get "FAKE" results from hundreds if not thousands of vitamins/drugs/poisons/acids/electronics....just ask Dr. Clark when you meet up with her!

I like plant/tree minerals and some seem to help more than others; but I believe, we humans seem to do well on as many of the 220+ plant sugars we can obtain along with all the known and unknown plant/tree minerals....WHY? I don't know, only God knows..

When I like a plant/tree mineral that I believe makes the differance in health, I attempt to ad it to every herbal formula. The KING has to be tree Iodine/minerals....A harvard M.D. just calls the formula; "EARTH MINERALS" because he knows better than to call it, "iodine" and disturb the medical/chemical world...

I have quite the list of beneficial tree/plant minerals, but the tree iodine/minerals by far stands out as KING. I have seen better results once this came along than anything and everything combinded and I have not found anything to date, more beneficial...there for, it is KING. I am sure all the best comes from TREES. The Bible Monks told us so. The Bible is a health book from the day it was written; it explains the human body, its functions and life on planet earth....nothing can spend 50 years or more of your life trying to write more into the BIBLE, but the facts are, it is our guide book to human health and survival on earth.

Not 1 single product sold on earth, really compares to the barefoot products, they do not seem to have ever stumbled upon understanding the human body and its needs as far as herbs can supply...instead; they seek the fast $$$$$.

The product I personally use the MOST, every day of my life; still is what I call SPRAY I. Not the most potent, but the most beneficial when used plentiful daily. I spray my face/ears/throat allot. I use other sprays on my chest if needed and differant yet on hurting joints, etc/...if needed. I may go through 1 bottle of LBB a year or maybe 2 years. Maybe 1 bottle of hair spray yearly and the one thing I couldn't get along with out, is going to my chiropractor maybe 6 x a year or as needed. I must use the chiropractor so often because of living badly most of life...abusing the body with cows milk, vaccinations, mercury, lead, aluminum, nickel, copper, oils, solvents, acids, smoke, noise, bad water, bad foods, and yet, the abused body can LIVE..........just think what a well cared body could do?



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