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Answer - Terrain, microflora, with a few interspersed edits to clarify
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Published: 12 years ago
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Answer - Terrain, microflora, with a few interspersed edits to clarify

>>"Thank you for your well-thought-out reply."<<

You are most welcome...

>>"I haven't the slightest idea how to go about finding quality local foods. My strategy right now is to focus on high-quality superfood supplements, such as Living Fuel and Vitamineral Greens, because at least then I can be reasonably sure that they are filled with quality nutrients, even if they are not as ideal as actual fresh food."<<

Understood, and that is what I would be doing as well were I in your shoes. You may be able to find local vendors of high quality foods at farmers markets (try several till you find the best if you have them), and there you may even find a vendor that distributes in season food to co-op or share members...

There are web sites for this such as...

And if I can find them in my state... where they are sparse, I am sure you should find at least a few around you.

In addition, if you have as little as a porch, and perhaps a bit of land, you can plant herbs and tomatoes and such in pots... plant edible landscaping in yards. Fruit trees, grape vines and berry bushes perhaps being the easiest to attend to with the largest returns.

>>"Is there somewhere I can read more about the topics you were talking about?"<<

No, not really, a few articles have put many of the pieces together, as have a few practitioners, such as Dr. Young, however the whole story IMO, goes back to the health of the soil and our integration with, and in our environment... a symbiotic relationship with the life in our environment.

Antoine Bechamp is perhaps the best place to start... his ideas and "theories" were the polar opposite of his contemporary, Pasteur, who promoted "germ theory", which medicine, food science, and much household chemistry is based upon... and why we are in many cases sick today... Bechamp stated that the terrain ("soil") dictates the state of health and a poor quality terrain leads to changes in microflora (germ) expression, which has more than been proven over the last decade or so.

William Albrecht is perhaps a second choice, where he showed the same thing with the soil... the health of a soil, determines the health of the animals and people who eat out of, and off of it.

Carey Reems is also a good one...

Ionization, brix, etc.

that is a start on him...

Then the Ask Moreless Forum, and the Alkaline/Acid balancing forums...

There are other names you will run into if you read up on these two... Dr. Young as mentioned is perhaps the closest contemporary... however, there have been slight disagreements with a few of his thoughts among some of us.

For the most part, we need the microflora to be healthy, so we do not want to "kill" them off. We want to offer them a healthy and beneficial terrain so that their "expression" is a beneficial expression to us.

The microflora take organic and inorganic matter and make them into usable forms of organic matter... they also can render toxins and poisons inert for the body to excrete.

They also are a huge part of methylation...

From Wiki...

>>In biological systems, methylation is catalyzed by enzymes; such methylation can be involved in modification of heavy metals, regulation of gene expression, regulation of protein function, and RNA metabolism. Methylation of heavy metals can also occur outside of biological systems. Chemical methylation of tissue samples is also one method for reducing certain histological staining artifacts.<<

And this, just one profound facet of your microflora's benefit to you...

To state that the microflora are necessary as an extra "organ" in your body is a gross understatement... it is much more than that... they help to recycle nutrients and hormones, boost the immune system AND protect against pathogens, detox the body and its organs, among many other things as well.

I am also coming to believe without doubt, that the microflora ARE our interface WITH our environment... when we loose our microflora through the killing of it... we loose our ability to communicate at a biological level with our environment and suffer... ill health.

As you will read, they also communicate and work with your body's own cells.

I wander in and out around CZ now... and at times, may not read posts for days, and then read only a few... if you want to know more, reply to one of my posts or PM me.

If you haven't yet, do a search for all of my posts and read the latest ones on gut microflora.

ML's active forum can be found here...

You must sign up to read and post in the forums, however I believe the testimonial forum is viewable to all without signing up.

My best,



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