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Re: What are your candida symptoms???
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: What are your candida symptoms???

I too am perimenopausal, and the symptoms of that and candida are very difficult to seperate, I get bowel and mood problems with both of them!
My Candida symptoms were: Severe palpitations, permanent diaorrhea for 5 months, caused by gluten intolerance, not being able to sleep because I was on the loo all night, every night, rock hard muscles in my shoulders and upper back, especially after a palpitation. Profuse sweating whilst having a bowel movement, Tinitus, eye floaters, bronchitis last january which took 3 different lots of anti biotics to clear resulting in thrush and of course the candida getting a major grip on my body. (I can see this now in hindsight)
Painful tendons at the back of my knees for which I took loads if ibuprofen ..worst thing I could of done, trembling, weakened muscles, Depression and no interest in life or living. Having periods every 2 weeks,brain fog coupled with inability to focus and concentrate resulting in almost alzhiemer type symptoms: not recognising daily things, dropping items, bumping into things, not knowing where I was or even what was going on and being really on edge, jumping at the slightest little thing. Dreadful Nightmares, and slipping straight back into them if I did not get up for an hour. Burning furnace type heat in my stomach area especially at night. B.O. and I was washing 5 or 6 times a day to try and stop the smell, did not work. All this had been building up gradually for about 5 years until the bronchitis business when I finally decided something was not right. I thought it was adrenal fatigue for a start. I had a colonoscopy because of the diahorrea, they found nothing. I also had meds from the Drs for what I believed at the time was worms, and meds for colitis, but nothing worked.
I realised that food was the problem, started cutting out gluten and hey presto.....diahorrea stopped INSTANTLY. So Thats what I thought it was until 3 days later I ate a huge bowl of fruit cocktail and that was a very bad mistake, I was so ill that night, I was crying with the discomfort/fire in my intestines and throbbing head, spent the whole night on the loo, my insides felt red raw.
I did the spit test several times for candida and that showed the stringy thingys.
Since I have been on the candida diet, although I have lost 1.5 stones in weight ( I was slim before I started) 90% of the symptoms I have described above have either completly gone or receeded enough for me to live life normally.
Whether I really have Candida or not is questionable as I am self diagnosed, but the diet works and I am very very very happy about that.
I have heard that sometimes young girls get it when they start their periods and menopausal women, something to do with the changes in the uterus and hormones.
I have never had a white tongue nor skin problems like most people seem to have.

I hope I have not rambled too much.........

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