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Re: too alkaline!!
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: too alkaline!!

Thanks again for your reply. I know it must be hard to help a person without knowing more and seeing them. But you don't know me and my experiences. I admit that my surgery perhaps was a mistake and I know this now, but then I did not know, I could help myself, I'm paying my dues for that one. At least I think I could have helped but not sure as my female problems were due to a hole in my uterus caused by a birth defect channeling my menstration inside my body instead of outside.I was very sick and ofcourse trusted doctors to help me. Since then I've changed my life alot, I don't go to normal doctors anymore only natural ones. I have taken many herbs before and I know their power but I also know my body and I listen to it. I don't concentrate on my problems but I am aware of them. My allergies have high and low peaks and when they are high I must be careful about everything not only herbs. Right now I am taking homeopathic medicine which is mild enough to help but not aggervate the situation and when I get stronger I do plan on doing some kind of kidney cleanse with herbs. I have not made this problem with my BELIEF it will happen! I am only making an obvservation and trying to put together things I've read in books to help me. I've read Hulda Clark s, Andreas book, Benard Jenson, Rich Anderson, Ed McCabe and more. Like I said I have done cleansing and I do think this has effected my kidneys, because of the cleansing not because I believe it to be so! I have not done a complete kidney cleanse before, I did it for 10 days once but my schedule was interrupted by family illiness and I never got back into it, I proceeded to the liver cleanse which I did about 12 times. I know this can burden the kidneys as they are delicate. I only went to see a specialists because my natural doctor requested I do so as she was quite concerned about my anemia and wanted to eliminate my kidneys as the source of this. This is the first time in many years I've see a normal doctor of any kind. As far as Chiropractors go, I've been going to them regular for more than 25 years and I like them very much. They help with lots of things but not everything. Since I've been reading I know I can help myself but think there are times when a person needs some help as the human body is so complicated with so many possibilities. I do many things for myself large and small. My past is something I can't do anything about but I am a fighter and will keep on working towards good health. Don't judge me just because I believe I have a kidney problem or because I've had a hysterectomy or because I'm afraid of my allergies, I listen to my body much more than the average person because of my problems, not because I want problems but because I have them. The first year of my life I was extremely sick with allergies and whooping cough, my mother had 7 children before me and said she never had this problem with any of her other children. She said I almost died! I had no breast milk and I know that has had a big impact on my life and my constipation which I have had as long as I can remember, also she was much older when I was born, I think this also is reflected in my health. Now I don't have constipation because of all my efforts and cleansing, I don't have indigestion anymore, I don't have pain even my allergies are much better than years before, especially after my liver cleanses. And about my ph I know it's possible for a person to be too alkaline and have read that often these people have lots of allergies. What I don't understand yet is why I am too alkaline! It would be great and I would consider it a blessing to be able to eat anything I wanted and still be alkaline but that is not normal, normally people must work at this to achieve good alkaline urine. My digestion isn't so great, I'm not constipated but must deligently pay attention to this and I pay dearly if I eat too much bad food. My food isn't all alkaline because it's mostly cooked and not at low temperatures. I eat not so much meat, chicken or fish, cheese or milk but as far as my alkaline is concerned it doesn't matter what I eat, I will be alkaline and I don't really think that is is a positive thing. I think it's probably better that being acid all the time but still I believe your food should change your urine and if you eat bad or drink coffee you should have acid urine, don't you agree? So now that you perhaps understand me a little better can you think of any reason my urine is alkaline so often and why my eyes are swollen when my urine is 7.4 on the rictor scale and why I feel like someone ran over me with a truck. Aren't alkaline people suppose to feel good at this time?


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