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108 Questions for MH from Mr 108..(questions 10-18)
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Published: 11 years ago

108 Questions for MH from Mr 108..(questions 10-18)

Re: 108 Questions for MH from Mr 108

Post #2 of 12. Questions 10-18

To review all earlier posts in this series of 108 questions just click on "All messages by prayervoice across all forums & blogs" which is to be found below this email. When you arrive at my earlier emails just scroll down to the bottom of them and click on the answers provided by MH.

10. Please tell me how tuning forks can work as a medical aid?

11. One can now buy light bulbs coated with Titanium Dioxide. They claim it cleans the stink from your room because it creates a form of "O3" which of course is Ozone. How sick is this MH?

12. POTASSIUM IS KEY to salt balance. What signs are prominent when a person is out of balance and one of the causes is a lack of potassium?

13. You once made a very profound statement that I immediately took to heart. You said "My only game is called Survival....we adapt or we die...and I am one that likes living." Why do you think it is that so few end up adapting, even when they are introduced to a life saving, life extending, solution to their physical problems?

14. You say that the tooth and gum formula is a very powerful herbal mineral formula with the ability to tighten human tissues. Can it be used on other parts of the body? And you also say that the tooth and gum powder is an ancient method for us, the sprays make it about 100x easier/better. Are you serious when you say it is 100 times better?

15. Soybean lecithin, is used commonly in baked goods, candies, etc....because it is like a seduction agent. The body knows it is good for it and thus without even thinking about it, you are drawn to buy more because the amount in the junk food that you are buying is so little that you would have to eat a dozen servings to get the amount that the body can actually use. I phoned over a dozen bakery type stores and asked if they used lecithin in any of their products. Two places said yes and ten said they would have to check. In the end all 12 did indeed use lecithin. So I asked each one what lecithin was used for. Nine places said they did not know, but they used it because that is what the recipe called for. The other 3 places said it was listed in the recipe as an emulsifying agent, but none of them knew what a so called emulsifying was supposed to do. What kind of a world do we live in MH? It seems like the majority of people are more like "sheeple" and don't even know that they don't really know their A$$ from hole in the ground.

16. Chunky Monkey ice cream is the favorite (smile) "sin food" of a friend of yours. Do you also have a little something that calls your name from time to time MH?

17. How is it possible that anyone could ever, ever, believe there is any truth in pow-wow-ing? What kind of a person in this day and age would actually "roast some chicken-feet and rub their warts with them; then bury them under the eaves?" And yet I know people who swear by such things.

18. I have a friend who is doing the Richard Schulze version of the "Incurables" program with her 76 year old father who has a huge cancer that has grown from the top of his hand and then wrapped itself around to the palm of the hand. The procedure is apparently helping to reverse the cancer, to the point where he can now move his fingers again. What might be added to that kind of routine (from your perspective)to assist this gentleman who has also given up all meat, dairy and processed food?

To close out this session MH, I want you to know that contrary to what you think, there are a few of us who know that God has given you your gift of knowledge as a seed to plant today for mankind's use, well into the future. It only takes a few of us "seeds" to recognize your light to ensure that your efforts will be shared by millions in the future. You see MH, you can't shut us up. We know what you are on this earth to do. A few of us get it. We see it. I see it. Please know that one day, that which you are doing today for the future well being of mankind, will be as obvious to everyone as the noon day sun. You just can not shut me up. Just yesterday I spent 4 hours MH'ing with a new friend (Ken Stuart) who is the husband of the lady referenced above whose father has the cancer on the hand. Among other things he is doing the sitz bath (MH style)and is eager to hear what I pass on to him from your forum.

Create a nice day MH and my compliments to Brenda and Jody.


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