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My Crazy Whacked out Vitamin D Theory

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alisaun Views: 8,514
Published: 18 years ago
Status:       R [Message recommended by a moderator!]

My Crazy Whacked out Vitamin D Theory

Ok, so, I've been to two doctors and they both have diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. (It's my opinion that fibro is most definitely an *infectious* disease, perhaps based on Lyme or other mycoplasmal infection, but hey what do I know).

SO I have been trying to get well now for about a year and a half. I'll save telling you all everything I've tried for another post, but I wanted to talk specifically about something.

OK, so one of the things I have noticed about this disease is that the symptoms seem to get much worse right before and during my period. So it's like PMS that makes you scream in pain and lie in bed curled up into a little ball weeping because you want to cut off your hands and feet they hurt so bad. In other words, it is tons of fun.

But the thing I deduced from this is that there must be some sort of hormonal connection going on here, since PMS is the time when your hormones change right before your period. Aha. I had nothing to do with this information except note it.

However. Because I am so sick, I have had to move back in with my parents, and they happen to live in a very sunny place in California. So, being as I was too sick to do anything else, I decided to get a suntan.

So I did. I've been going out into the sun starting slowly and *without* sunscreen.

After about a week and a half I started noticing that my pain was getting better. I did break out in a pretty serious rash all over my body, but I think that was just my skin detoxing and it is already going away.

I couldn't believe it - I had tried every herb and remedy and healer and just being in the *sun* was helping immensely?!?

So, I did some research and found out that Vitamin D is actually considered by many people to be a *hormone*. Hmmm. Interesting fact number 2. So there seems to be some connection there.

Also, most people are greatly vitamin D deficient and it is hard to get from our regular diet unless you like mackerel lol.

Also, symptoms of vitamin D deficiency can mimic fibromyalga, I read! Whoa! Not saying that none of us have fibro and it's all just votamin D deficiency, but still, eliminating the vitamin D deficiancy may help with that horrible fibro pain. It is helping me.

I also go inspired reading Spirit's story of healing (he is the creator of curezone). He also used sunlight and sea water. So I have also been taking salt water baths.

I would love to hear what anyone thinks of this . . . if anyone with fibro has tried or wants to try getting some sun. So far I have only been doing it a couple of weeks so I am going to keep doing it and see where it leads.




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