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108 Questions for MH from Mr 108(Questions 19-27)
prayervoice Views: 623
Published: 11 years ago

108 Questions for MH from Mr 108(Questions 19-27)

Re: 108 Questions for MH from Mr 108

Post #3 of 12. Questions 19-27

To review all earlier posts in this series of 108 questions just click on "All messages by prayervoice across all forums & blogs" which is to be found below this email. When you arrive at my earlier emails just scroll down to the bottom of them and click on the answers provided by MH.

19. Your silver cord kit is a 4 bottle kit..spray 7..spray 21 ..spray 40 and spray 108. I understand that they are to be used progressively and with proper good judgment. That each should be emptied before moving on to the next. The desired effect is to be a form of vibration from one side of the brain to the other, which is in itself an indicator of superior blood circulation in the brain. When one achieves this level in a proper fashion is it possible that some of the dormant glands in the body might also start to regenerate, and if yes, do you have any idea what any of the 100 or so glands that are dormant in most humans might just start doing?

20. A side effect of applying your sprays to the skin is the expelling of lymph fluid to the colon and the removal of mucus from the lungs and the sinuses. It seems we are bypassing the stomach by directly applying herbs to our skin and that the skin seems to see the herbs as foods and not a toxic invader. Is this the reason why you use a lot less herbs, because they do not have to go through the elimination process where most of them are neutralized?

21. I understand that when you spray the spray number 1 into your armpits, behind the knees, and onto the tops of the feet, that these areas target the lymph system. How much and how often should one do this?

22. If the human body can not dissolve plant oils(or any other kinds of oils for that matter), then why do people put the stuff on their salad, and based upon the theory of lesser evils, what might be better to use on a salad if one is going to eat it?

23. Why are the first pressed tree oils like olive and coconut oil superior to vegetable and grain oils?

24. Please tell me what uses you have for RAW apple cider vinegar and how does one find the RAW stuff?

25. It is not possible to easily turn a plastic portable steam bath inside-out to clean it. Can you suggest an appropriate way to clean these units?

26. I believe that God has given all human beings a measure of free-will, in order to enable them to know and love God authentically and to be responsible for their own decisions and actions. Every soul is given God's grace in a pre-ordained measure and is expected to do their very best with the blessings, talents, opportunities, and trials that God has given them. Each person's spiritual development and potential in life can only be realized through consistent effort to follow God's teachings. So why is it then MH, that next to no one ever recognizes that "Nature" is a law of God and that the more we obey it, the better our lives are?

27. Is there a good way to use garlic externally on the body as a cleanser, and is there anything better than garlic that the skin (which is the largest organ of the body) would appreciate?

Just before sending this post to the "Ask Barefoot Forum"
I wish to share a little something from the past....

Back in 2005 I asked you, MH, to speak about circulation, which you properly point out to be the "KING" when it comes to a long and happy life. Your response was one of them gems that I review often and I would like to share it with the forum again....

The circulation increase will turn an area red, such as putting your leg in ice cold water, yet the red does not burn like cayenne does.

So what does make us feel "Burn"? Everything with a pH of -7 will feel as a burn. Yet, cayenne is not an acid!!!

According to Dr John Christopher, our skin has the ability or actually our entire body has the ability to create acid, (like hydrochloric stomach acid) in a split second as a defense method to repel all that the body detects as harmful. This acid then must be rushed away by the blood stream or it would eat our own skin, so the entire defense Immune System is activated.

The cayenne pepper being nothing but a "DEAD" plant with zero ability to do anything.

"IF" we believe the human body has "NEVER" used anything but air to create the cells, then "ALL" else would be harmful to the body and the body will repel everything that enters it or touches it. So the heat and the healing/added circulation is all 100% the effects of our body getting rid of the cayenne pepper.

Humans have the ill habit of attempting to absorb radiation from dead food, this in effect forces the human cells to "burn" up and their release of radiation gives us the "FAKE" feeling of energy, so animal meat "BURNS" up more human cells than other foods and makes people feel they are better, while all along the meat has decreased their life by the burning of the cells.

Humans need zero food other than air. The habit of eating creates a roller coaster effect, one food demands the minerals from another food, etc., etc. and the body seeks more and more foods to help eliminate the last food. This is why fasting for 21 days BREAKS all habits, no longer is a food needed to detox the last food.

The ill body not supplied enough sunlight needs radiation from food, so the live fruits needing no digestion when chewed to a liquid supplies the needs and burns up the least amount of human cells and we live to max lifespan.

The human that lives on air alone will not know normal death, they will only die when their spirit is done with the body.

So the art of using herbs is knowing how each one is rejected by the human body, I prefer to use the orange juice fasting as the cure all and use herbs in a shotgun mixture that allows the liver to have an assortment of natural minerals to work with and avoid using herbs as medicines like a Naturopath would or MD.

You can use herbs as drugs, but the oranges are cheaper and more natural. I have some really cool things for 2006 and if one does not believe we live on air alone, then my things will not make much sense at all. My goal is less food each year! Those that live to eat will have no use for my methods.
That's it for this session folks.

Create a nice day,

prayervoice (Mr 108)

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