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Re: Coming back from Cancer

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Coming back from Cancer

 Boron also raises estrogen levels.


Is boron safe for clothing, etc?  I have quit using traditional cleaning chemicals, and have used 20 Mule Borax for clothes, due to it's boron.  If I need to eliminate boron, I will need to come up with other things to wash my hands and clothes.  Suggestions? 


Borax is just sodium borate.  It is not toxic, especially for cleaning clothes.  You can also add a little salt to your wash to soften the water more.  If you want o go environmentally friendly you can buy potassium chloride for water softeners and throw a handful of it in with the wash.


As for the Rife units these are great if the proper frequency is used.  Unfortunately most people base their frequencies on the 11 page bogus frequency list going around.  You DO NOT need multiple frequencies.  Rife only kept 3 frequencies, and out of those the most effective was 666hz.  The other tow frequencies were slower to work because they were off my one number.


The unit I am using is called Bio Solutions, and is an older model.  This machine only has codes that run a series of frequencies, and I have not been able to successfully figure out the translation back to traditional Rife hz is.  If you know how to translate back to correct hz, please let me know.


If you can access to a frequency meter this will read each of the output frequencies. 


Also the term "angstrom" minerals is a sales hype term. Angstrom is a unit of measurement so all minerals can be measured in angstroms.  In addition you mentioned taking germanium in this form. This is a real concern.  Elemental germanium is EXTREMELY toxic to the kidneys.  In fact the FDA actually has a ban on germanium as a "non-conforming food additive" that they enforce occasionally. The came about about 15-20 years ago after a some people were selling germanium dioxide as organic germanium (bi betacarboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide), which as you can see is vastly different.  When people took the germanium dioxide the stomach acid would split off the oxygen leaving elemental germanium.  The germanium caused kidney failure in 16 people so the FDA lumped all germanium products together and banned them.


I have known the source of minerals for quite a few years.  He started making the minerals due to his own frustration with particle size.  The germanium I am using is germanium chloride.  Is that still a bad choice?  It sounds like all germaniums are dangerous, yet I note you mention them later in your reply, so I'm a bit confused.


No, not all germaniums are dangerous.  Organic germanium is not only safe, but very beneficial being antitumor and repairing to the bone marrow.  What I was pointing out was that some products are being labeled as organic germanium that are not.  I would not use germanium chloride either. This is what would be formed when toxic germanium dioxide breaks down in the stomach acid.  Stick to true organic germanium or plant sources of germanium, which are safe.


In reading through your suggestions regarding estrogen dominance and cancer, this is what I’ve gathered that you would suggest: TMG, silica, nettle leaf, alfalfa, bee pollen, seaweed, bitters, chapparal, and cultured foods.


Yes, those are great starts.  But you also need to address the virus and immune suppression involved.  If the cancer does come back I wrote this earlier:

"Even many alternatives fail to address cancer microbes, which again just allows the cancer to come back.

Cancer therapies should therefore always include full range antimicrobials such as chaparral and andrographis, or ozone.  In addition I also recommend addressing other aspects of cancer to attack it from numerous directions to make the development of a resistance more unlikely.  These include glandular support, white blood cell activation, increasing SOD and other key enzymes, increasing cytokines, peroxide formation, hyaluronidase inhibition, angiogenesis inhibition, and blocking the lactic acid-glucose cycle among others."



I have PM'ed you my email address.  Are the "how-to's" for doing all of this in your write-up? 


Pretty much. I don't  think I covered angiogenesis inhibition, but I do cover mitosis inhibition that I forgot to mention above.  Ashwagandha can be used to block angiogenesis.  Everything else should be covered by the herbs on the write up.

I’m tired of taking so much “stuff” and would like to pare some of this down, and get nutrition from foods as opposed to pills, liquids, and concoctions. What can you suggest?


Also I highly recommend suma for its high organic germanium content, which stimulates the bone marrow and will help with your red and white blood cell counts.  Suma is also anti-tumor and immune stimulatory.


I will look for this too.  Do you have sources you can recommend? 


Starwest carries it in powder and Mountain Rose herbs should have it.

I ordered some DE. I still ozonate my water, because our city water has high levels of chlorine and bromine. How would you increase the acidity of it?


You can get rid of the halogens with a good reverse osmosis (R/O) system.  Then you can add the silica to your water.  The water does not need to be acidic, just not alkaline.  Although when you purify water, such as with an R/O unit, the water will absorb gases from the air and become slightly acidic.


I will look into getting an R/O system. Price and the fact that R/O makes water acidic have prevented me from doing so in the past.


Add lemon before drinking, maybe? Considering the amount of scarring inside and on my body, as well as the lack of hair, should I add more than 1 spoonful of DE to my water?

I think I forgot to answer this in the last post.  The answer is no.  Adding more silica will not give any additional benefits since silica is poorly soluble and absorbed.  This is why adding it to a gallon of water then letting it settle out will get more silica in to the body that taking large doses of silica.  By dissolving some silica in to the water then drinking the water throughout the day you will absorb a tiny amount of silica each time you drink your water.  If you take capsules or a spoon full of silica due to its poor absorption the majority of it will just pass through the system.


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