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Re: Coming back from Cancer

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Hveragerthi Views: 6,154
Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Coming back from Cancer

 Whats the reason for running it a fre off?


These are corrections to the frequencies.  All of the frequencies will achieve the same exact effects, but the original 2 frequencies were off by one.  This is why they took so much longer to work than 666hz.  With the corrections they should work just as well and as fast as 666hz.  I explain this a little here:

I have a GB4000 where i can run 8 fre at a time. You think i should do 666, 690, 691, 720, and 721?


No, stick to one frequency.  I explained why in this post:

I also heard many of the old fre dont work that well any more because their are so many new pathogens now (some created and sprayed via chemtrails and some injected in vaccines). You think thier might be truth to this?


No, this has nothing to do with it.  The problem is that many of the frequencies being attributed to Rife are not really Rife frequencies.  As I pointed out in earlier posts Rife only had 5 frequencies.  He later dropped two of those because they were found to interfere with the first 3 frequencies.  And two of the frequencies worked but were much slower because they were off by one.  Other frequencies are not needed, but other people have gradually added their own frequencies that have no basis for anything.  We believe that a lot of these came from Crane  who wanted to throw people off of the research since the original bogus 11 page frequency list I saw came with a Crane unit.  Since then I have been seeing all sorts of frequencies being applied that were not Rife frequencies and not in the Crane list.  I believe another reason for the added frequencies were just fluff to increase the price of the machines.  In other words you cannot make as much on a simple 1 frequency device.  People want bells and whistles, lots of lights and frequencies to believe the machine will work because it looks so much more high-tech.   But again this is all fluff and serves no purpose other than to increase the cost of the device.


If I could explain the basis of the Rife frequencies, that even Rife did not understand, better then all this would make more sense.  But the basics are that Rife's frequencies were not just blasting apart microbes.  The primary healing effects were from the device bringing the body's frequency back to normal.  So multiple frequencies are not needed and only serve to "confuse"  the body's frequency.  I would stick to the 666hz.


A little more on this:


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