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Re: 108 Questions for MH from Mr 108 (Questions 46-54)
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: 108 Questions for MH from Mr 108 (Questions 46-54)

Re: 108 Questions for MH from Mr 108

Post #6 of 12. Questions 46-54

To review all earlier posts in this series of 108 questions just click on "All messages by prayervoice across all forums & blogs" which is to be found below this email. When you arrive at my earlier emails just scroll down to the bottom of them and click on the answers provided by MH.

46. If a person is always clearing their throat, what might this be an indication of?
“ Mucus created by an acidic system. The lungs are not draining properly and fluid is being pumped up into the sinus cavity or literally being oozed up out of the lungs into the throat. First and foremost, seek a great chiropractor for this. He should put you on your back with his fist under your lowest ribs attached to your spine and “BREAK” you over his fist and hear a large “CRUNCH” as your bone spurs break-snap and you feel like he literally broke your back………….this should relax the muscles that have your lower lungs in a spasm and allow the fluids to drain down into the colon properly. If your taking great herbs and you don’t see signs of infection and you don’t get better, etc….then I will bet it was your spine / ribs causing this problem, It is a fact, some people live their entire life this way. Many chiropractic issues seem to be permanent until a man literally takes our spine and manipulates it for is and sets us FREE!
“IF” the problem is not solved by correct chiropractic adjustments, then it is infection / acid producing diet / habits. Do not live life this way, it can be corrected”

47. Here is a quote from you MH from January 13 of 2007 in which you were talking about your hot and cold shower. I have heard you speak of this only once since then. Do you still use it...and if not or not as come. Here is the quote: " In video part 2 if I can, I want to show off a system I made that will make you sweat in 2 minutes using high volume hot water and in the same time, 50 degree high volume water. You turn around and around receiving 100 degree water on one side and 50 degree water on the other side, this makes the blood go super nova to protect the skin and in the process cleanses it."
“Hot / Cold water therapy….makes a man out of anyone able to do it. It I a state of mind as well…you have to want to do it. You probably saw the pictures of us playing in the ice covered pond. We could only do this because we had a hot tub with 103 degree water in it. If you go from sweating hot to ice cold water, that ice cold water will feel really shocking….so you jump back into the hot…then jump in the ice water again and the ice water is not so bad….back to hot and the third time in the ice water, your skin is ok with it and we can swim or lay on the ice for maybe 10 minutes. Then time for the hot tub again. I can get really muddy working when it is just above freezing out and need to wash my feet. I can use an out door hydrant for this that always has 50 degree water coming out and that water can feel warm to my cold feet. The one thing I tried and did not like was the high pressure 1 inch water line I installed in the bathtub your referring to. I can do it, but I don’t want to do it; it takes an enormous amount of will power to take 50 pounds of high pressure direct well water in your face….more than I was willing to do, so it never got used a second time. Such a method would make a man out of anyone…cold water therapy excites the muscles and strength building. Show offs jump in ice water, we have not been showing off for a couple of years now.”

48. I have not heard you speak of the chi machine in a very long time. Do you still recommend them, or is there something new that can be used?
“ I have a mat that has a chi machine at both ends, I use it on my neck and my feet at the same time…they are the greatest exercise machines ever built….always buy an adjustable one….so you can use it real slow or speed it up if you desire. We should make our own model; like Jack LaLane juicers…..sell millions of them as Mr. 108 does his weekly tv show!”

49. You once mentioned an extremely old long bearded little man who could pick up a 5 gallon glass jar filled with pennies with nothing but the palm of his hand and extended his arm and walked around the stage with zero effort. You said this old man KNEW ABOUT THE POWER OF BEING GOD'S CHILD. Could you explain what you think the reason for his ability was?
“ He was an Asian man in a Chinese show of extreme balance. This was on wide world of sports when I was a little kid. I know a 5 gallon jar of pennies weighs over 200 pounds. I filled such a jar once and could barely pick it up with all my strength and both hands. This little man walked around stage with ease, no effort at all. He was doing a kind of kung foo thing or meditation just prior to picking it up. Mind over matter type of deal I suppose. The Bible Monks made it real clear, if we humans only had faith we could do anything. The other amazing thing I remember is an old PBS special where they tracked down the last real voo doo doctor on earth. He was a child slave trained in the art of VOO DOO. He learned control of his solar plexus and he could control the fire from his prostrate area and direct it through his hands. He could set things on fire with out touching them and he told the reporters he could kill any man with his touch and explained that is how voo doo doctors kept all the slaves in fear of running away. He said he was the last of his kind on earth. He actually could heal humans and was running a health office at the time…such powers are explains in the Chinese type of exercises that take a lifetime to perfect.” The books warn that if you self-experiment with such exercises that more often that not, the person accidentally kills them self.”

50. I know that our food must be alive to be perfect. Is it then possible to take foods that maybe were too processed, etc. and reverses that damage and makes the food once again a very eatable food that the body responds well to?
“If you read the No Crash info on the website, it currently is in the Sports Folder. It explains how to take dead foods and ferment them for 1 day and then drink the millions of bacteria than ate the liquid food and this is the super man food or live food! We humans are 85% bacteria, bacteria keeps us in balance. Friendly bacteria is essential. The No Crash method takes a few minutes per day to do, we never had more than 5-6 people ever try it and none of them continue, so once again, we are phasing the product out.”

51. Since you say we are electrical beings, I have a rather strange question for you. Do you think it is it possible to be able to build an electrical device that could feed the body?
“Sure, but why try to build a fake sun. Sun is all we need and depend upon. Barefoot and naked relaxing in the Sun; what could be better. Our skin makes real vitamins when exposed to the sun, health is that simple.”

52. Is it true that there is a way for toxin from the brain to be dumped into the intestine?
“It has to or we go into a coma. A drainage tube from the brain to the intestines. For many, their spine is out of place and a muscle tugs on this tube and interferes with the drainage…if we do not have a good chiropractor, then we are going to have a hard time…you would think some chiropractic college would hire me for a spokes person!!!” Spray III or the Topknot Spray would be an herbal answer to speed circulation up to the brain. Spray the scalp daily!”

53. If milk is actually the blood from an animal (minus the red blood cells) how come no one has ever challenged the dairy folks about this being a toxic substance? Would people really want to drink it if this was proven to them that it was cows blood?
“All milk is blood of the mammal. How could a cow produce 100+ pounds of milk daily if it was not her own blood? Dr. Christopher investigated powder milk and in his seminars states it is made from slaughtered cows blood and you know that was really dirty blood with poop and urine in it to boot! BIG FOOD is protected by the government and colleges. Colleges teach big government. Every dairy farmer is stolen from by the American dairy counsel. They take (steal) money from every paycheck so the counsel exists. They are the mafia, the government…the too educated thugs that rule via crooked lawyers/judges and senseless laws that should not exist to harm those seeking to make humans healthier, watch the; UTTERLY AMAZING video”.

54. Can you please explain why you say you can only digest when you sleep?
“In book I, when we take big deep breaths, we are burning the foods we stuffed in our mouth. All foods take allot of energy to digest. 80% of our blood / strength is used to eliminate what we ate.”

We have now completed one half of the 108 questions for MH. I will take a break and give the good man a rest. Thank you so much MH for all you do for us and share with us.
“So your thinking about the fact you only get to ask 108 questions per year? Otherwise, bring them on while it is cold and nothing better to do.”

Create a nice day,

prayervoice (Mr 108)

Many Blessings,
The “Barefoot” Herbalist, M.H. 108

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