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Re: Hormones

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Hormones

 What causes people to start losing all their hormones?

I mean, why DO women go through menopause?

Why DO men go through andropause?

WHAT is the trigger or triggers?






I would not say that there is a specific trigger. Just like when you went from prepubescence to adolescence. The body goes through cycles which are necessary. For example it would be dangerous to have a baby when you were 5 years old so the body prevented you from menstruating. After a certain age it also becomes dangerous to have a baby for the mother and the risk of birth defects greatly increases. So again the body changes to decrease then eliminate the chance of becoming pregnant.

The body is actually pretty intelligent. For example have you ever wondered why you cannot get pregnant again when you are already pregnant or why the sex drove decreases after giving birth in most cases? As for the first question imagine what would happen if all those millions of sperm kept fertilizing more eggs while you were already pregnant.  And after giving birth prolactin levels rise to not only increase milk production, but to also suppress the sex drive. This prevents producing a burden on a limited food supply for the bay or babies. If you were to give birth then immediately get pregnant then your body would be overburdened with both providing milk for the already born infant(s) as well as providing nutrition for the developing infant as well as yourself.

With only three basic options ... do nothing OR replace the hormones [with synthetic or bioidentical] OR give the body the right stuff to stimulate our glands and organs to begin producing hormones again ... which is best for short and long term overall health?


Again the body is very intelligent. Our hormones decline with age for a very good reason. If we are going to substitute these hormones to their previous premenopausal or preandropausal levels then we are just asking for trouble. Just look at the side effects of progesterone creams which include hyperaggression, acne and a number of cancers. Or estrogen replacement therapy, which can cause cancers, blood clots, heart attacks, stroke, thyroid suppression, increased heart disease..........

One big misconception though that I frequently hear is women saying they do not produce hormones anymore because they are postmenopausal or have had a complete hysterectomy.  The fact is that the ovaries are not the only source of sex hormones. The adrenals and the fat cells also generate the sex hormones. The reason I bring this up is that again the body reduces its hormone production for good reasons. But the body still maintains a certain amount of its hormones for certain parts of the body, such as bones and even sex drive to an extent. Humans are one of the few animals that have sex for more than just procreation. Anyway, we have to maintain that certain level of hormones, which is where things like diet and avoidance of stress come in. Keep in mind that the primary source of sex hormones after menopause or andropause are the adrenals. And what are some of the factors that suppress the adrenals? Stress, stimulants, lack of vitamin C or pantothenic acid...... So we need to maintain the adrenals so they can help produce what the body needs. This is safer and more effective than supplying external hormones that can not only overwhelm the hormonal system, but can also atrophy the adrenals that would be the primary hormone supplier post menopause or andropause.


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