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Help me to understand better..
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Published: 11 years ago

Help me to understand better..

Is there some place where one can learn all this information about frequencies and the theories/science behind the frequencies, the Science behind how these viruses/ parasites or even remnants of rna are in us, how they are developed, why certain parasites are linked to these remnant rna material or metals, where this damaging material comes from and why our bodies cannot get rid of it, and why other people, or even myself went through life seemingly fine until one day it all fell apart, and why none of these things are detected by any medical tests?

And if it is so common, then why are some people becoming sick from things that are in our environment everyday and that 'technically' should not make our bodies so very ill, while others all around me continue to be normal and fine and functioning?
I'm trying to wrap my head around it and how I can explain it to people closer to me, make them and myself understand how it can be true and not some made up fairy tale/sci-fi thing, that these types of things actually exist and can affect our bodies?
I mean when I see 'HIV BioW retrovirus', I think the actual HIV virus.. But how can part of a virus be stuck somewhere in our bodies when we never really have that virus, but maybe it's attached to some other parasite in our bodies, even though I never see actual parasites....
how is this proven? All these metals inside other parasites or part of RNA from a retrovirus that we get b/c of something else entirely? Do they basically all come from invaders such as parasites?

I mean, can someone explain it in a way to understand and these theorhetical bugs and viruses etc in my body, and, how I thought that getting some viruses, colds etc makes ours and our children's immune systems stronger?

I used to be normal, and healthy. I can barely understand just for myself what on earth is actually wrong with me, yet I know I am really ill, or what when wrong (besides getting the flu that day 1.5 years ago) and why my body has never healed or been able to repair? And now why 1.5 yrs later, my child is showing signs of issues, itches, pains, head and tummy aches.

Why won't my body be in balance, and I guess what I'm asking about is the proof or Science behind it all. And does anyone ever get better or are we screwed basically for the rest of our lives if we don't always rife or do other treatments, what are the chances of getting well again? The body healing? Feeling normal, and being normal?
I wonder if all the homeopathic remedies and all the rifing and other things I've tried, if it throws my body out of balance? If a frequency has the ability to heal, can it also not harm?
I know I have a heavy metal component and my daughter too, both our baseline urine tests show metals excreting even without chelation challenge....but then I wonder, maybe all the kids in her class or in our neighbourhood would also have these metals, maybe it's actually the norm?
My ex husband is so healthy, takes so many supplements, drinks excessive water daily, bodybuilder and sweats a lot (detox) yet his baseline urine showed high arsenic, but he is so perfectly healthy.. I just don't get it all.
Is there ever a case where excreting metals is normal b/c the body is getting rid of stuff on it's own? And that maybe the test reference ranges are inaccurate, meaning, how do they come to this 'normal' range?

Thanks for hearing me out, I get some of all this, but wonder why I have to be the one in this weird position to be fighting so hard everyday with nothing wrong with me according to medical tests, yet, my Gut and intestinal/mucosal tissue is so messed up and raw and sensitive/reactive for 1.5 years. Like I have never healed, and my illness keeps changing and many things worsening. Yet here I am now putting on fat for no reason, and I just don't get that, when I've been so skinny for the past 1.5 years and couldn't keep weight on. (mind you been eating bad potato chips/fatty meats where I can, but still I put on 10pds in 2weeks all on my thighs, I think since the Alinia anti parasite drug mostly)
I wonder will I ever get better? Like be able to simply drink water without burn on mouth/esophagus, or eat any foods I used to without crazy muscle reactions and palpitations, and headaches etc., as if food is a total assault on my body? Have a drink of anything without my gut burning and gnawing inside?

Sorry for the length, I'm a need to know /understand kind of person, and I still feel confused. If anyone can answer, maybe you can go through my multiple questions and give me ideas? Thanks.

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