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Iodoral testimonials at Amazon
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Published: 11 years ago
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Iodoral testimonials at Amazon

I've been taking J. Crow's Lugol's 2% for a few days now and have been trying to determine a correct dosage level for myself.  Still trying to figure it out.  I have no problem taking 2 drops in about a half cup of water.  I've been around kelp and sea weed and salt water most all of my life and love it all so it's actually a familiar taste.  Have even gone to Asian markets and bought dried sea weed and love it.  Anyway, in searching about dosage I saw the postings on this forum (yup, youse guys convinced me to start on iodine) regarding Iodoral and started looking at Amazon to purchase some.  I think that Amazon reviews of any product they sell are among the best real reviews on the Internet - but watch out for those reviews that are small in number because it can be the seller or his friends.  So the reviews for Iodoral are fantastic.  Here's a gem that just wowed me and I'm sure you will appreciate it too.  There are even many other reviews under different quantities of Iodoral so its not just 36 reviews that are listed at Amazon.

Notice that this reviewer had been on depression and anxiety medication and was exhausted most of the time.  Had also tried other supplements at times.


I have spent thousands in doctors bills and hundreds on natural supplement, to no avail. That is until Iodoral. I had changed my diet which helped some and some of the supplements even helped some. I was taking depression & anxiety medication. I was exhausted most of the time. Good sound sleep did not exist. My libido was totally gone. I was losing it and I knew I was losing it. My health problems were a page long. My doctor kept insisting along with other doctors of my past that I was an awesome specimen of great health! In other words, they could not find any big problem thus it did not exist.
Along with many supplement I had tried lugols, it did not work for me.
How I came upon Iodoral was quite by accident. I went to dinner with family and noticed my sister-in law order the Wakami salad, I winced since I did not like seaweed. She kindly offered me some and being the adventurous type when it comes to food I tried it. I really liked it! I went back and ordered more. At the end of the week I realized I had been feeling better than I had in a loong time. I thought wow, I should buy this in bulk. So I did from a farmers market. My pocketbook was taking a hit and I was getting a little tired of eating so much seaweed. I did a little research on Wakami. I came to the conclusion that it had to be the Iodine. I also came to understand why I was wanting to eat so many eggs and other foods like cottage cheese. My body was desperately trying to obtain the iodine it needed!
I then used the reviews on Amazon to determine which and how much I should take.
I am now more energetic, my skin is softer, my hair is not as dry. I am now calm and controlled. I am no longer feeling like I am going insane. I sleep fewer hours but I sleep better. My cravings for eggs are gone ;). My periods are on time. My libido is alive. I AINT SO DANG COLD ANYMORE! I could go on but will stop.
I started out at 1/2 tablet, then after a few day 1 whole tablet, until I came to 2 in the am and two in the pm. I did experience slight headaches, and a few small rashes in the first couple of weeks, because of this I would suggest doctor monitoring is important.
I hope this review helps someone!


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