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From Dr.David Brownstein's book "Overcoming Thyroid Disorders" 2nd edition chapter 10 Coagulation disorders pg. 271

When the immune system of the body is not functioning correctly, as in an autoimmune disorder, this can lead to a hypercoaguable state. ... In a hypercoaguable state, the blood literally 'thickens up' in the small blood vessels of the body. This results in a decreased blood flow to the muscles & othjer areas of the body ... decreaseed flow of blood to vital areas causes difficulties with nutrient & oxygen delivery to tissues.

thyroid disorders, lupus, RA, scleroderma, CFIDS, FMS

... do not respond well to therapies that many other patients respond to such as ... hormones ... vitamins & minerals

theory ... this hypercoagulable state would prevent the flow of ... hormones, vitamins & minerals & other nutrients into the cells

One study found that 92% ... CFIDS & FMS had signs of a hypercoaguable state ... 50% of ... thyroid disorders

Research shows appx 25% of the population has inherited tendency toward developing a coagulation disorder. ... One study 83% of CFIDS FMS had inherited genetic tendency

triggers -

biological warfare agents
fungi (candida)
heavy metals

When the body is triggered ... the body can protect itself ...thus depriving the pathogen ... preventing its dispersal throughout the body. ... also prevent immune system from properly attacking the agent & destroying it. This can leave the pathogen in the body wreaking havoc with the immune system.

... This can result in the initiation of chronic health problems, including immune system disorders.

The patients who have a genetic disposition - 25# of the population - cannot effectively shut of (sic) this coagulation system once it becomes activated.

Dr.David Berg claims, "As blood viscosity increases & blood flow is reduced throughout the body, the patient becomes hypo this & hypo that"

Treatment -

Treat pathogens
Healthy Diet
Anticogulation herbs & vitamins
natural hormones
anticoagulant meds

Vitamins, such as Vitamin A, E, B12, folic acid can help reverse coagulation disorders.

Bromelain & mixed digestive enzymes can aid in removing fibrin

nattokinase to have anticoagulation activity

Hypercoagulation, Enzymes and Autoimmune Conditions

Hypercoagulation is not an accurate name as it is not that the blood is too thick. It is that the capillaries become coated with fibrin and the blood cannot flow freely. Fortunately, fibrin can be cleaned off artery walls. Using, of all things, digestive enzymes.
If you take a digestive enzyme on an empty stomach, so that it has nothing to digest in the stomach, the enzymes get into the bloodstream. (Many studies prove enzyme supplements do this.) Once there, they do several things, break down partially digested food, kill pathogens, and clean up the blood in general. Including toxins produced by mycoplasma or any of the other toxin producing micro-organisms.
More important for hypercoagulation, enzymes clean the walls of the blood vessels. Digesting and breaking down fats, and in the case of hypercoagulation, the fibrin (a protein) that coats the walls.
So take digestive enzymes between meals and with meals.

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