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Re: 7 Weeks of Milk Kefir update - Failure!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: 7 Weeks of Milk Kefir update - Failure!

>>I started really slow. I drank very little kefir and mostly the whey to begin with. Then I had a very strong dairy reaction with flu-like symptoms, streaming nose, cough & blocked ear. I recovered.

Sounds like an example of Hering's Law of Cure (similar to the Herx theory):

Hering's law of cure. 

By Dr Roger Schmidt

Presented by Sylvain Cazalet

Dr C. Hering 
[Hering's law of cure has been verified by not only homeopaths but also 
ayurveds, naturopaths and energy healers. This suggests that the body is 
subject to certain laws that governs its working as a whole. I have dealt 
with this cursorily in my article, "The Dynamics of Disease", which is 
available in the net at

Herings law, in a nutshell, stipulates that there is a DIRECTION OF CURE. 
With this knowledge the physician can be sure whether he has really 
benefited the patient or only made him worse despite a reduction in the 
severity of symptoms. Says Hering, the cure proceeds;

1. From top to bottom. A symptom or a set of symptoms may slide down. What 
appeared on the head may go to the chest, then the abdomen, then the legs 
before going away entirely.

2. From within to outward. The problem may leave the innards of the body and 
surface on the skin, nails, hair, and/or mucous membranes before 
disappearing. If the patient has an ulcer in the abdomen, during the 
treatment if the patient suddenly develops a profuse discharge of any of the 
mucous membranes, or develops a scary rash, then the direction is towards a 
cure. In such a case the subsequent acute manifestation should not be 
disturbed and must be allowed to take its course.

3. Backwards in time. The present symptom may be replaced by what has taken 
place prior to it, moving backwards the way it developed. For example a 
kidney failure patient may go back to his cardiac manifestation, then the 
severe abdominal complaints he may have suffered earlier may resurface. Then 
the eczema or Psoriasis that was suppressed earlier may recur which when 
treated holistically, or by continuing the present method of treatment will 
cure the patient.

4. From the more important organ to a less important one. As stated above 
the affected kidney may heal with the disease going to the heart, then the 
liver, the abdomen, then the skin before affecting a cure. A mental symptom 
like anxiety may be relieved as the disease takes hold of a physical organ 
and then moving on from the more vital organ to the less important one.

A word of caution here. Merely going to a practitioner who uses holistic 
remedies will not result in a cure as stated above. The practitioner must be 
aware of the DYNAMICS OF HEALING and must be a master in both the 
philosophy, art and the techniques of his Science of healing. Both 
philosophy and practice must travel hand in hand. During the course of 
treatment the experienced physician enters the realm of the patient and both 
get transported to a plane which facilitates the healing. The intuition of 
the doctor and the expression of the patient as to what ails him are the 
fundamentals without which cure is an illusion.

Disease per se may not be bad in a healthy person. The law of cure is not 
peculiar to the physicians efforts but is characteristic of the body's 
function. An accumulation of waste in the body may find relief from a sudden 
diarhhoea or a profuse cold. At such times rest and a simple diet will 
relieve the symptoms and the patient emerges feeling better than ever, cured 
of ennui. An emergency may thus be averted by the action of the body alone. 
What ought to be treated and what may grow worse from an external intrusion 
is a decision that only a knowledgeable and sincere physician well versed in 
the art of healing can make.

Detoxification is the primary aim of the body. Detoxification is the primary 
aim of the health conscious individual and the trained physician. The aim is 
the same, only the practices resorted to may be different. The body-mind 
energy complex is the best healer and its collective role should be a 
subject of close scrutiny for every physician.

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