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Re: treatment for mild Pancreatitis
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: treatment for mild Pancreatitis


I started having mild pain off & on in my pancreas area since dec 2009 then in jan 2010 it started to be constant & then early feb 7th I woke up in extreme pain with a headache & couldn't hold anything down. Wasn't able to go to the emergency until later that evening & they said my enzyme levels were normal but I know for a fact its my pancreas. I agree with you they should of put you on a IV. I wish they would of kept me on one for at least a week when I first started getting the pain but I got released after a few hours. The doctors tried to give me anti reflux meds also but I did not take them. One of the main symptoms that your pancreas is inflamed is acid reflux/gerd. Doctors are so quick to prescribe there drugs & mask your symptoms & not deal with the cause before it gets out of control.

I have candida & was on a VERY high fat & protein diet just before I started getting this pain & binged a couple times on junk food & thats when my pancreas pain started. I've seen the doctor a couple times after the emergency room & he says my blood work is normal but thats when I noticed on my lab work my blood work wasn't normal either because I know some of the symptoms pancreatitis are a drop of calcium & 2 wks before my so called attack my calcium was 10.6 then the day of the emergency it dropped to 9.2 & the day of my emergency I had not ate nothing over like 16hrs or more & my glucose was 115 so thats high for me not eating for that many hrs.. My fasting glucose has never been out of the normal range.

I know what I feel & what my body is telling me. The best advice I would give concerning the pancreas is to start taking high doses of digestive enzymes with each meal & between meals. Also raw veggie juicing will help give your pancreas,liver & digestive system a little break while flooding your body with vitamins,minerals, & enzymes. Also cut back on fats,protein & high carbs for now. Try small frequent meals. Don't wait until the doctors tell you its your pancreas because I'm sure you know your own body. The cat scans & untrasounds don't always show damage until alot of damage is done. I've been on alot forums reading alot of peoples experiences.

The best test is the EUS just like your getting. I requested that test from my doctor but he said I have to see a gastrologists doctor & he has to order it but for now I'm waiting for the MRI. I refused the cat scan because of all the radiation.I'm scheduled for a MRI this friday

I have been reading tons of articles since january concerning the pancreas.

Here are some interesting articles about enzyme deficiency,pancreas,etc.

If our pancreas is not functioning right then our immune system is working over time trying to clean up undigested food in the body instead of healing our body like our pancreas so it becomes like a on going process.

I'm not try to scare you but lack of enzymes especially protease can lead to cancer. I have alot of information on this.

I am determined to heal my pancreas right now I'm trying to drink alot veggie juices & as much raw food as possible but I'm having a hard time digesting food so I had to up my pancreatin enzymes. Plus I'm taking extra supplements. You can googgle antioxidants & pancreatitis there was a couple studies on it with good results.

If you have more questions let me know. Let me know how your EUS test goes.

Good luck!
Hope your pain goes away.


Possible causes of pancreatitis.

Google Dr Kelley Cancer he healed his pancreatic cancer


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