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Where I'm at with my illness and supplements if anyone can input opinion?

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Published: 11 years ago

Where I'm at with my illness and supplements if anyone can input opinion?

Hi Newport, and others who have been ill I just wanted to run something by you.

Pattern of illness:
When I first got ill 31 months ago, it was all in my gut. Nausea so bad developed to all my foods, but slowly one by one, the more I ate something, then the nausea came on. 3 months later this reaction would change.
It also burned me so much in gut and mouth and esophagus.
Later this would turn into an itchy burn feeling on those same tissues, moreso inside.
Then it spread to right into my stomach and lower.
Then, to foods, slowly it started to make me almost itch inside my chest somewhere, and radiate out.
Then that became more intense, and it seemed to start to spread out (the reaction from eating certain foods) from all inner torso to outward into muscles of back/chest with a threatening radiating stingy itch - fear really started here, this was deep rooted and not going away.
Then it moved into my groin and legs, (where the groin would ache this first started after zapping and when I used salt/c)and the legs started slowly with some foods only, to have the crazy searing tense electric tickling sensation inside (maddening) that I talk about now.
Then it spread to my arms after a few months.
Then it changed to encompass all foods/supplements that would do this.
Now I am at a stage where I am getting weak very weak and shaky unco-ordinated muscles when I react and very big muscle jerks/tics. the shooting tickling craziness is turning in to shooting aches as well, instead of tickle, but I get both still, just changed.

To me, I have felt and watched this evolve. My daughter giggles when her hand in the morning is weak and shakes and tics, and it happens a lot lately. I smile but I am scared like hell that it's something similar to what's happening to me.

My legs and arms /feet are also now becoming to feel swollen or like too muscle inside is too large to fit in my skin, a strange feeling, and they are stiff, don't move fluidlyl anymore and are awkward /rigid.

Though I don't tolerate well b/c it sets off the reaction, I have some supplements on hand now:

MSM - cheaper tablet form with some binders mag stearate, cellulose, silica

Ornithine - good powder from Dr. Clark store

TMG - by now foods I think, with fillers probably.

zinc - good one, drops by biobody

I still need to get the molybdenum, a good vit C and the coral calcium, malt. I will try today to get a drive to buy them. But I don't quite know when to take what or if I should just take them all 2x a day despite how It makes me feel. To date, no supplement or even vit/min IV has yet to soothe these feelings inside of me, nothing has dulled it, it grows anyway everytime I eat.
To find one thing that might alleviate this torture, would be a Godsend.

I need to learn more, but today again, I wake with ultra weak hands/legs and already mild tickling, more hive itch today on skin(that comes and goes, not sure why when I do get it every other day) I am afraid to eat as usual.

I am trying to do coffee enemas. I did one last night and I've noticed since first time a couple days ago, I get long strands of like mucous that almost look like worms, but when I pick them up they are just long strands of like mucous of even GI lining/tissue?
Has anyone else had this with coffee enema? and why does it happen?

I am still scared, yesterday being the most disabled I have been to date, and lots of my weakness/tickle starting to turn in to aches and almost pain.

My daughter having tummy aches still too, and this tickly weak hand in mornings and when she writes sometimes.

I feel like we both have something in out gut infecting us, yet nothing ever found in stool samples.
There was one medication once, that seemed to help the crazy itch that was inside my chest when I'd eat, but it's like it's been driven from that area to another, this thing seems to move I have felt it spread through my body for 31 months! This is what scares me, b/c how do I get it if it runs away and infects more of me, if that's even what is happening, I could just be perceiving it that way.

I tried ornithine 680mg and zinc drops last night before bed, didn't notice much. except it makes the reaction happen some.

I am getting some great help here for a couple members in particular. I am just wondering if anyone can 'sense' perhaps with dowsing, 'what' specifically is affecting or infecting me and even possibly my child? I do not know how to dowse yet and I am so weak and shaky, I'm not sure it it would work..
By the way, when I eat, I get shakier when all the reactions start up.
Isn't that strange. I used to get low blood Sugar symptoms and shake when I didn't eat. Now eating causes it but it's more of an assault - a weird reaction.
Thanks, I thought if I just explain better my history of how things evolved, maybe it would be useful.

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