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Re: Studies/Herbs/Effectiveness

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Free Dentist Alternative!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Studies/Herbs/Effectiveness

 Currently working on a paper for school about alternative treatments and remedies. I have been intensively reading this board and others looking for verfication (studies) regarding the effectiveness of herbs. I could not find adequate information, however I did notice that hveragerthi has provided links to studies that they recommend.

So, here are my questions I searched the anti-virals most recommended by hveragerthi as compared to antibiotics (I understand that one must first be properly diagnosed). But, in general the 3 most common recommended are:Pau D'Arco,

For the pau d' arco look up Rex Research in Jean, Nevada.  He collects information from all sorts of different sources and puts together infolios with the information. There are several on pau d' arco under Lapacho. One of the infolios has something like 300 references on the medicinal property of the herb. Pau d' arco is especially effective against leukemia viruses such as HIV. Yes, HIV is  a leukemia virus. Human T-cell leukemia/lymphoma virus type 3. The name was changed to HIV because they are really trying to distance the association of viruses and cancer since if they admit cancer is viral then they have to admit they got the cure and that chemotherapy does not really work since it generally does not address the cancer virus.

He also has some infolios on ozone for cancer and AIDS.


It is hard to find information on chaparral as well. Most of studies showing its effectiveness are pre-internet so the studies are generally not on Medline. And again the studies done by the University of Utah and the University of Nevada both showed the anti-cancer properties of chaparral, again which is primarily due to chaparral's ability to destroy cancer viruses.

But because it was found to be so effective they made up stories about chaparral causing hepatitis, which was very misleading. With hundreds of years of use and even using chaparral extract (nordihydroguaiaretic acid) in our food supply as an antioxidant for decades there was never one case of hepatitis ever shown to be caused by chaparral. Then all of a sudden the FDA claimed there were 13 cases of hepatitis caused by chaparral in a two year period. What the FDA hid from the public were the facts that many of the people had pre-existing liver failure and the other patients were taking pharmaceutical drugs well known for damaging the liver. Although you can start with these:

Not a study but interesting:

On chaparral's safety:

Chaparral actually fights cancer through a variety of mechanisms. These include its antimicrobial activity, its anti-inflammatory properties, its immune stimulating properties and its ability to inhibit mitosis of cancer cells. The NDGA of chaparral also happens to be the strongest natural antioxidant ever discovered and unlike most antioxidants it works in both the water and the lipid portions of the cells.

They are not really looking for a cure for cancer and even if a researcher does find a cure it will NEVER make it to the market. It has been said that if a cure for cancer were put on the market that every medical school in the nation would go under since they would lose their research grants that keep them afloat. So the money raised for cancer research just keeps going to pay the excessive salaries of non-profit cancer organizations, executive travel, advertising, etc. The American Cancer Society (ACS) for example raises over a billion dollars a year yet has never come up with a single advancement in cancer research. And less that 5% of the money raised goes to patient assistance.  Does anyone actually believe that the ACS is going to bite the hand that feeds them by admitting cancer cures already exist?

You should read some of Barry Lynes books. He has some pretty interesting information on the subject. His first book was about Royal Rife who was curing cancer, muscular dystrophy and many other diseases back in the 1930s. Ozone has been used to cure cancer, many other diseases, injuries, etc. since 1890 yet the US is one of the few countries in the world where it is not openly allowed to cure cancer, AIDS, burns, etc.

and Andrographis.

Can anyone provide studies on the efficacy in treating various infections with these herbs?

What I have posted above is just a sampling of what is available out there if you look hard enough.

I found that most of the studies claim that these herbs were not found to be effective in treating various infections, but rather the quite opposite could be harmful.

This is a common practice for the drug companies and especially the FDA to disseminate outright false or misleading information on herbs and supplements to make the herbs/supplements look dangerous or ineffective when they are not. This is because the FDA is in bed with the drug companies. Even ex-commissioner for the FDA Herbert Ley testified before Congress that the FDA was using governmental police powers to protect the profits of the drug companies and were rewarded for these actions with gifts by the drug companies and high level positions within the drug companies for FDA officials. And remember when the FDA was caught approving untested drugs in exchange for payoffs? Not one FDA official was ever charged with this illegal activity. And the FDA even targeted the company that blew the whistle for retaliation. It has also been reported for over 30 years that over 150 FDA officials own stock in the drug companies they regulate in direct violation of insider trading laws. Again not one FDA official has ever been charged with this violation of the law.

The corruption within the government and drug industry go far beyond this, but if you are interested you can research this as well. Don't forget to research the four Bush cabinet members who sat on the boards of pharmaceutical companies including Eli Lily, a company that daddy Bush also sat on the board and for which the Bush family owned stock in. This is why cheaper drugs, including those made in the US were being blocked for import in to the US. It had NOTHING to do with safety.

I have posted in the past on the manipulated and misinterpreted studies used to try and discredit herbs and supplements. Run searches on chromium, St. Johnswort and vitamin C and they should come up.

Next, regarding ozone therapy and HIV, I could not find any studies regarding the treatment with ozone for HIV that concluded ozone was effective in treating HIV.

Try going to the library and use the old databases if they still have them. If you run a search you will find the San Francisco Veteran's Hospital study that showed a 100% remission of symptoms. A second larger study was slated but again the FDA halted all the testing before it could get underway.

There are also these:

You might also want to take a look at these:


One study posted on the Memorial Sloan-Kettering website (see below)
Claims that ozone applied to HIV + positive patients via rectal insufflation was reported not to be an effective way to treat HIV.
I have just started to research for this assignment, and I found this site to be perfect in terms of information, but now I need fact rather than fiction to write about. A little on my background, I am a graduate of FIDM (Los Angeles)and was working for a well known designer (no need to mention). A close friend of mine who died earlier this year from pnuemonia (aids related) made me realize that why aren't we finding a cure for these diseases? I quit my job, and have dedicated my time and energy to finding some cure or alternative treatment. I'm still working free lance just enough to pay the bills. So, I really appreciate if you folks would be willing to share. Thanks for listening...

If you want to look for a cure for AIDS you need to first keep in mind that AIDS is not a disease. Even the so-called AIDS experts I see on TV still incorrectly call AIDS a disease, which shows how little they really understand AIDS.  They need to look up what the "S" in AIDS stands for and what it means. Then look in to the chemistry and property of ozone therapy when properly applied. It is an extremely effective therapy for a number of diseases and conditions. And it works through a wide variety of mechanisms including full range antimicrobial activity, peroxidation, activation of white blood cells, increased cytokine production, increased SOD production, etc. But ozone therapy is so effective, extremely safe and so cheap that it is a massive threat to the medical industry, which is why they keep misleading the public about it.


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