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Re: Herb questions for HV
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Herb questions for HV

 I'm trying to piece together a protocol for some of my health problems. Please let me know what you think:

High cortisol: 1/2 tsp of Ashwaghanda 2x daily 20 minutes before meals, 500 mg. Nettle leaf 2x daily before meals, Non buffered Vit C w/B Complex with meal 2x daily, Watercress 1/2 tsp 2x daily, Rosehips 1/2 tsp 2x daily, Bee pollen 1/2 tsp 3x daily Rice bran 3 tbs 3x daily with meals

The herbs would be best 3 times a day rather than twice a day.

Candida: Rice bran (above), Kefir 2 
oz per day (do I take this on an empty stomach or is it ok in a smoothie?)Is 2 oz enough?

I recommend taking the kefir by itself and not is a smoothie . A smoothie could really delay the kefir's exiting of the stomach and could even raise stomach acid significantly depending on what is in it.  Stomach acid is not good for the probiotics and you want to get the bacteria in the intestines as soon as possible.  Make sure the kefir is fermented long enough to destroy all the sugar and to raise the acidity, which is what primarily controls the Candida.  Making your own kefir is the best way to control the fermentation to make sure the sugar is used up.  Then I recommend more than 2 ounces daily.  If you have Candida overgrowth you really want to overwhelm it with the probiotics and acids they form.  So more like 6 to 8 ounces first thing in the morning would be better.   Make sure to take it at least 30 minutes before your herbs and supplements since some of these can affect the bacteria if in direct contact.  You want to allow time for most of the good bacteria to pass in to the intestines before taking your herbs and supplements.

 Gentian powder 3x daily (is this taken with meals?).

This is the bitter so you only need a pinch for the bitterness so it can stimulate the vagus nerve.  You can do this really at any time, right before, during or right after a meal.  I usually do bitters right before meals though to help get the stomach acid and enzymes going.

Zinc: 50 mg/2 mg copper 1x daily with meals.

Correct.  With your largest meal is best since zinc can make you nauseous if there is not enough food in your stomach.  If you do not eat any large meals then you can take 25mg zinc with 1mg copper twice daily with smaller meals.

TMG 3 x daily (I have excessive epinephrine release, is it okay to take the TMG?).

Yes, the TMG is a methyl donor.  It plays a role in the production of neurotransmitters, but not really their release.  And the herbs you are taking such as ashwagandha and nettle leaf are going to help curb the excess release of epinephrine.

Yucca Root 1/2 tsp 2x daily.

Again I recommend 3 times daily here.  The yucca root is a surfactant so it will help cut down on bloating and gas from the Candida.  It is also great fro the flora, reducing inflammation including leaky gut and is great for the adrenals due to the high riboflavin and sterol content.  The sterols in yucca are also antifungal and lower cholesterol.  The saponins will aid in the absorption of the herbs you are taking and nutrients.

My stool test showed the highest number for candida overgrowth. Should I take any anti fungals?

I believe in sticking to natural antifungals, especially probiotics.  These actually control the Candida unlike pharmaceutical antifungals.  All pharmaceutical antifungals do is to knock back the Candida. But if the terrain is still too alkaline, which promoted the overgrowth of the Candida in the first place then the Candida just rebounds.  One of the reasons we have good bacteria in several areas of the body is because these bacteria generate various acids (lactic, acetic, fatty acids) that turn off the Candida growth gene and keep the Candida in its benign yeast form.  If these bacteria are reduced the pH of the tissues becomes more alkaline turning the Candida growth gene on and converting the dimorphic Candida in to its aggressive and pathogenic fungal form.  As an example women frequently get vaginal Candida infections after taking antibiotics.  The reason for this is the vagina, which is normally acidic from the flora goes alkaline promoting the Candida overgrowth. 

Will the following interfere with the kefir or kill the good bacteria?: Pau D'Arco, coconut oil, Neem. Any other suggestions for decreasing the candida?

These will not interfere with the bacteria if taken apart from the bacteria.  Again this is why I recommend doing the kefir first thing in the morning then waiting a minimum of 30 minutes before taking your smoothie, herbs and supplements.

And the primary focus should still be on restoring the good bacteria (flora) to keep the Candida under control like it is supposed to be.  The antifungals are just a temporary band-aid.

Hypoglycemia: Magnesium malate (what is a good dose in pill form?)

There are different forms of hypoglycemia:

Building up your adrenals will help if you have chronic hypoglycemia.  Although magnesium does play some role in maintaining blood sugar chromium is more essential if you are suffering from reactive hypoglycemia.  Here I recommend 200mcg chromium polynicotinate (not picolinate) 3 times daily with meals.

But as I mentioned magnesium does play a role is well in blood sugar regulation and it is essential for so many other processes in the body including ATP formation.  The malic acid the magnesium is bound to in magnesium malate is also an ATP precursor, which is one of the reasons I prefer this form of magnesium.  ATP is the fuel that allows our cells to function, and allows our cells to function properly when in normal levels.  Recommended dose for magnesium malate in most cases is 300mg twice daily. 

Do you have any suggestions for herbs that would reduce antibodies in Hashimoto's? I am trying to ease off the medication and am looking for herbs to replace it.

Hashimoto's is autoimmune and autoimmune conditions stem largely from adrenal dysfunction.  So the herbs you are taking to build up the adrenals will do the most good.  If you can find zizyphus seed though I would also add this.  Zizyphus seed is calming and it also aids with proper thyroid function especially when taken with nettle leaf or watercress.

Also, I couldn't find much on your thoughts in regards to diet for candida. Do you believe that all sugars need to be cut out, including fruit?

I think they should be limited until things are brought back under control.  But I don't recommend going overboard with them.  Many of the sugar sources such as fruit also provide fibers that feed the flora, and in many cases acids that also help to control the Candida.  And cutting out sugar completely is not really going to work since  1. the body can generate glucose from a number of sources including proteins, fats and lactic acid and  2. this would mean eliminating nearly all foods including meats.  Yes, even meats contain glucose.  This is what was allowing the animals muscles to still function right before they were killed.  When they died the remaining glucose was still in the blood, which is in the meat.  And if we really think about it animals also show fear.  And as with humans in a fear state their cortisol would spike their glucose when they were about to be slaughtered.  So it is pretty hard to get away from sugar regardless of what we eat.

Currently I don't eat any processed sugar. Would a diet of veggies, fruit, raw dairy, chicken, red meat, eggs and nuts/seeds be okay or do I need to cut out everything but eggs, meat and veggies?

Stick to a healthy BALANCED diet, which can include some of all the above.  I do not believe in any type of strict diet.  These just put more stresses on the body.



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