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Re: Could a HPV protocol be similar to HSV protocol?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Could a HPV protocol be similar to HSV protocol?

I haven't heard of an HSV protocol that worked if you have show me it and I will tear it to shreds by way of cross examination. I am assuming you have HPV-11, 16, or 18 yes? I too have one of those because I got somekind of candida or some weird fibrosis thing going on in my mouth probably somekind of precancerous stage and a couple tiny tiny warts. I have did research for months and I have found the best cocktail to take. If times were different I would be one of those jungle medicine men who would say,"come back tomorrow when the sun is setting," and I would go off into the woods and collect the ingredients. But anyways find some potent aloe vera extract. It has to be the right species and make sure it is extracted by way of cold dehydration because the poly saccharides ferment hours after the plant dies or I think either minutes. The best process to extract the aloe vera ingredient which has many nicknames was patented by a company whos name I don't remember because I don't care but the patented product was called "Manapol". That is the original. Theres other bottles which i think use the correct method that are labeled like man-aloe or aloe-mannan and it is common that people call it beta-mannan. I'll post the research article links up here that I found tommorrow because now I'm tired but anyways take about 8 pills of that a day 4 in the morning and 4 at night or maybe even better 2, 4 times a day. The extract from the aloe vera plant was shown that it caused a t-cell response in the body and it activated t-cells all crazy like. It also increased the macro-phages in the body or increased their effectiveness or something like that I forgot exactly I just know it is good for macro-phages. I'll post the stuff tommorrow so you can read it yourself. So take that and I have found the published studies that showed that celebrex reduced the expression of the HPV onco-genes E6 and E7. These onco-genes bind to your body's p53 anti-cancer mechanism and this is the only reason HPV can cause warts or cancer. The E7 i think it was was the one that specifically was linked to cancer and not just warts. In November 5, 2009 a study was completed and published by the New England Journal of Medicine this you can look up yourself right now on google. All you have to type in is New England Journal of Medicine and the date November 5, 2009. There was only about 2 or 3 things in the headlines so you dont even have to type in HPV it will automatically pop up when you go to the Journal's website. In the study the vaccine developed by ISA pharmaceuticals called SLP® which stand for synthetic long peptides completely reversed the precancerous lesions in the womens cervix as well as completely curing them from HPV as in no HPV present. They were cured. And it turns out the vaccine causes an "explicit" T-cell response AND reduces the expression of E6 and E7! Exactly what celebrex helps do! There was also another drug I gotta dig through this information that did celebrex type things as far as reducing the expression of E6 and E7. This vaccine is immunotherapy which makes your own body able to kill the virus by disabling the viruses defensive/offensive mechanisms. Take the aloe vera extract stuff for about a year straight 6 months will do it for some people but take a year maybe even longer to be sure its dead and while your taking that take celebrex to reduce the E6 and E7 expression. All this will Turbo boost your immune system so it can take care of the HPV.

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