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Is it possible I have A.F?
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Published: 12 years ago

Is it possible I have A.F?

I'm not sure where to begin, but here goes..

My problems really began after I suffered an ectopic pregnancy 3 years ago.. I remember being told it would take 6 weeks for me to feel better (I had a tube removed) but after 3 months I still felt awful.
When I first came home I was literally crawling about my house because I had zero strength or energy.

(I am ALWAYS tired or fatigued now, finding it hard to complete housework, play with my son etc.)

Soon after that I began with stomach complaints. My tummy is sensitive to touch and applying a little pressure is painful.. The GP said it could be excessive acid, I have tablets (on and off) for this, they help a little, but not completely.

I have had numerous tests, an x-ray, lower endoscopy, scans, ultrasounds, blood tests.. No MRI or CT, but so far all come back clear.

Ive suffered with anxiety, general anxiety, for over 6 years (awaiting cbt, no other meds for this).

I have a goitre, this has also been checked out (by scan) and was given the all clear again.

Recently, for the last month or so Ive noticed the skin on my forehead and underneath my eyes is slightly darker than the rest of my face. I read this is a symptom of addisons, but that the skin discolouration is usually obvious to others, where as my Dad and my partner had to look to spot what I was pointing out, its pretty obv to me though!

Since Apr Ive started with bowel problems, poos that arent formed and are v smelly, along with stomach pains more often.

My problem is that every so often, maybe once a month, maybe every other I will vomit (this began in Oct). It starts the same each time, I go extremely weak during the day (more than usual), then I go hot and cold, I also feel odd, faint, weak.. and its hard to explain, but shakey inside, like something is out of balance?? Ive said to my partner 'something doesnt feel right' everytime I feel this way, because it doesnt feel like normal nausea, it feels like something else, like I said, like something is out of balance and I that shakey, almost disorientated/slightly confused feeling inside.
When I get these episodes I also end up going to the loo (for a BM) several times, its like my body is trying to rid myself of something!?!?

Recently my aunty died but I realised that it took me over a week to feel any sort of normality after that, I just felt wiped out.. Normal for a death in the family perhaps, but I just felt totally drained, more than usual, I just find it harder and harder to recover from stress. I do suffer with panic attacks, when once (in the beginning) it would take me an afternoon to recover, it now takes anything from 2 days to 4 to feel better.

When I do anything strenuous I feel sort of ok the following day, but the day after that its like Ive been hit with a train.. then again, it takes about 4 days to feel better.

I also have a lot of brain fog, Ive lost count of the times Ive tried to talk to someone but just stood there not uttering a word because they wouldnt come to mind!

I have dizzy spells every so often.. tested for inner ear problems, came back ok.

I tried to ask the doctor if I could have any sort of problems with my adrenal glands when I was seen for my goiter in Jan '09 (I know the 2 prob arent related, but as hormones etc was his field I felt I could ask), but as per I got the brush off, got the all clear in writing and then no further appointment came (despite being told it would).

Im also tiny (size 8, although I look anorexic) and I find I lose weight far too easily

Sorry for the essay, its just that Im at my wits end and tired of being sick like this every few months..
Im unsure of what to do now and just keep getting brushed off by my doctors, they just look at their pc screen/my notes, see how many tests Ive had and then say 'these all came back clear.. How is your anxiety recently' like its just all in my head or something.

If you can help Id be so grateful.

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