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Re: Suggestions?

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Suggestions?

 I've been shaky most all of the time - it's increased in recent weeks. i don't take any medication. I haven't very often in my lifetime. My parents didn't believe in vaccinations or shots, but I have had a few as an adult. Not many and not for years. 

One other thing. Have you had your serum calcium levels checked? And maybe bone density?

Every day, I use 5 or 6 capsules of magnesium malate in my morning smoothie, along with MSM, TMG, Brewers Yeast, lecithin, some homemade kefir for taste, I take it separately for periods of time, an apple and banana and most times Kyo-green and a large helping of raw spinach. I take either a multi-vitamin OR individual vitamins and minerals- all bought at the health food store (no bad ingredients or fillers) I use grape bitters twice a day, DE water, zinc, B12 3000mg.

I take the herb formulations 1/2 hour before eating (Bone and Joint, Adrenal and Thyroid and have for several weeks) I always take it in the morning, but once in a while I forget and take it only twice in a day along with Juniper Berries and Vitex. For periods of time other recommended (by you) herbs. I haven't used Amia or sage leaf because I haven't gotten around to them, but will. Along with the B12 I take a B complex.

I will pick up some tyrosine... I ran out, along with the milk thistle. I've never used the amino acid cysteine, but will try it.

Do you know of the saliva test recommended by Iolite in this thread? Does it work?

I don't believe in saliva testing for most things. Salvia testing is very popular for things such as pH and hormones. But saliva pH does not really reflect blood pH. And it does not truly reflect hormone levels either. In a study I found years ago they found drastic differences in the levels of progesterone being applied to the skin and what was showing up in the saliva. A lot of this has to do with the fact that hormones are stored in fat tissue. This is the reason progesterone creams are applied to the fatty areas of the body. As the progesterone absorbs it traps in the fat cells slowing down the absorption in to the bloodstream. This is also the reason that progesterone creams can build up in the body leading to progesterone dominance.

Hormone testing is really such a crock anyway. This includes cortisol testing. We have to keep in mind that hormones can fluctuate wildly throughout the day. Cortisol levels for example can go from normal to excessive in a matter of seconds. So the cortisol testing may give you a rough idea of where the levels are at throughout that day, but what about the next day, and the day after that............  This is why I prefer to rely more heavily on symptoms that lab tests in many cases.

Something new that happens more frequently is a cramping of my toes on one foot. I used to take care of a lady with cerebral palsy that had this look in her feet. It looks like something from the brain a different kind of cramping... a clue? what do you think?

Again I would have your serum calcium levels checked first.

I can't make up my mind about the bio-feed back..if its worth it to take. It does make me feel better for a few days... What do you think?

I think the problem is physical and needs to be addressed as a physical problem.

Another thing... I cry more than normal for me... sometimes uncontrolable bawling about once or twice a week - I hate it. I only mention it because it may be connected. It feel like my nerves are raw, but better than they were.

That is frequently hormonal in nature. I know you are taking things for hormones, but there are factors that can still play havoc with the hormones such as ovarian cysts and excess body fat. It could also be something going on with the liver preventing proper detoxification of the hormones. Or possibly that you are transitioning in to menopause. This is less of a concern though than the other symptoms you have mentioned so those should be the real focus.

For a person that has eaten only good things for 7 years to be this bad stinks. It's really hard to stand up from a seated position.


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