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New breathing/swallowing symptoms
Konnor Views: 10,161
Published: 12 years ago

New breathing/swallowing symptoms

Uncomfortable new symptoms

Hi there,

I'm having a really tough time with some new symptoms which have developed which are very troubling and just adding to my already deep and extensive list. They may all be related.

- A feeling of tightness in the throat, particularly under the chin on the right hand side. Makes swallowing feel more difficult and despite still being able to swallow liquid, foods and pills, pills now occasionally feel like they scratch my throat on the way down.

- Shallow breathing. This is chronic and very uncomfortable. Basically feels like I never get enough air. Despite being marginally better in the evening this is all day everyday. May or may not be related to the above.

My other symptoms are

- Chronic post nasal drip
- Neck ache/feeling of swelling (as described above)
- Light sensitivity
- Chronic Fatigue
- Insomnia
- food sensitivities
- Constipation
- Ache over the liver
- Weight loss
- Hypoglycemia
- Carb cravings
- Itchy ears
- A few brown pigmentation spots on skin
- Occasional nausea
- Bloating, distended belly, gas
- Brain fog and everything that comes with it associated with the above - depression, racing mind, anxiety,

My only current supplements..

- Digestive enzymes
- A probiotic (The only thing that's changed supplement wise recently, fairly low strength)
- Chromium Polynicotinate

Things to note..

- I've not changed anything in my environment or in my diet.
- It's already a very hypoallergenic diet.
- My other symptoms, despite being present haven't flared or changed as a result of these new symptoms.

Clearly my health concerns are very deep and I know I'm dealing with weak adrenals, a congested liver from the constant ache (worse when constipated), nutritional/hormone imbalances, candida and leaky gut.

I really do struggle with supplements at the moment, reacting to pretty much everything.

- Most forms of vitamin C - stimulatory either at the time of using or later on.
- powdered GABA - tried this on an empty stomach around 500mg - caused almost instant anxiety
- magnesium - again tried around 400mg on an empty stomach and it bought on anxiety
- The times close to large bowel movements are when the symptoms above are worse - indicating massively screwed up biorhythms/hormones in my body. When I'm constipated and my liver aches, my body is generally in slow down mode and the above symptoms are slightly less severe. Neither scenario is preferable.

It's clear that I'm highly toxic and not processing nutrients as I should. This leaves me stuck in an unbreakable cycle..

- Unable to boost adrenals to aid energy symptoms due to reactions to supplements
- Unable to clear candida due to a weak liver and adrenals
- Unable to decongest liver due to constipation (I've tried lots of things for this, psyllium made it much worse)

Very frustrating and I'm in a mess. I know I've kind of gone off on one regarding my other symptoms and with so much going on it's easy to respond to this post with blanket post with 'fix the adrenals' or 'try a liver flush'. Hopefully you can see the problems I have with those above and for the time being I was hoping I might get some options and advice specifically for new symptoms causing me alot of distress.

All ideas will be considered.

Many thanks,

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