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Re: New breathing/swallowing symptoms
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: New breathing/swallowing symptoms

Please outline your current diet. What emotional issues and or traumas are you currently facing or have you faced in the past? Other stresses (besides illness).

Diet is low GI veg - asparagus, pak choy, cucumber, celery, kale, chicory, bean sprouts, green beans, runner beans, courgette, lettuce, fennel, brocolli, cauliflower, okra, spinach, watercress.

Root veg too spikey on the sugars. Tomato's, onion family and nightshades putrify in the gut.†

Fats - Olive, Flax, Fish, Coconut, Hemp oil, Avocado's, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Hemp seeds

Grains - Amaranth, Quinoa, Buckwheat. Millet too high GI and spikey. Seem to crave these despite relatively small amounts balanced with protein and fats.

Beans - Mung and Adzuki. Occasionally lentils.

Meat and fish - Turkey, Chicken, Sardines, Mackeral, Salmon. Occasionally red meat but tough on digestion.

Intolerances to yeast (tried brewers and nutritional), nuts, dairy, gluten and all spices are irritating.

What do you look forward to in life?

Honestly? Not alot. Symptoms are too prevailent. If I'm shallow breathing all day everyday and concious of swallowing I'm unable to focus on anything pretty much. Hanging onto my job, health, life, thin as a rake, no money, not much understanding support (parents do great but struggle to see past the 'white coat' they have grown up with). Liver is shot and sure does let me know about it. Unknown whether this is a cause or an effect (Candida/leaky gut or similar)

Did this all start suddenly or gradually over time?

Gradually. I've been my own worst enemy at times often binging. Diet has been tight but interrupted by these binges. Each time dropping to a lower state of health each time. When they have occured they have been catastrophic. Last one was 2 months ago. Diet has been tight since then and was before.

Progression has been

Post nasal drip, eye/light sensitivity, hypoglycemia, poor diet, stress, antibiotics, depression -> food intolerance, fatigue, insomnia, liver ache, brain fog, pigmentation spots -> constipation, distended belly, bloating -> most recent - nausea, tight throat, shallow breathing, supplement intolerance (stimulatory, anxiety).

Despite being in a poor state I can rationalise that my health concerns are due to shot adrenals and liver and poor digestion, probably some dysbiosis and leaky gut due to high stress, antibiotics and poor diet. Overlapping issues now trapping me in a cycle or what to treat which problems absorbing nutrients.

What is your dental status?

Seems okay. Had an infection about 2 years ago which I took antibiotics for and had surgery on. Was in an earlier phase of illness back then and the 2 courses would have really rumbled my terrain.

No pain or aggrevation of any kind since.

I have some ideas but I would like this info first.

Do you have any knowledge of toxemia? Do you understand the concept of total toxic load? Have you herd the term biological terrain?

No knowledge besides the occasional browse on the web and on here. I assume my 'toxic load' is pretty high! Again if by biological terrain you mean the intestinal tract I'm familiar with all the common knowledge.

Thanks for the response.


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