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Re: New breathing/swallowing symptoms

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: New breathing/swallowing symptoms

I also tend to believe these symptoms are related. Near identical to mine. All occurring after literally INGESTING mold while attempting to clean it off thousands of documents, etc., found infested in a storage closet. Ultimately to learn that the historic property in which I lived (a condo) had a systemic mold problem. City mandated it be resolved, due to all the health issues reported. The mold was everywhere, in every unit, nook and cranny of the building.

Have you had ANY testing done?

If you have PND, you MUST have this tested. Cultured. I promise - it will help identify at least SOME of whatever it is causing all this. Have more than one. My first culture revealed C albicans - so I thought it simple as that. Pursued the standard course of action (and then some) - only to learn three years later via another culture that my lungs and entire resp tract, including ears was housing FIVE different strains of mold -- AT LEAST (same lab - a basic medical lab, nothing fancy -- forget about Genova, Metametrix, etc. - they do not culture, and typically work with only blood or stool).

If you choose to go the herbal route, I have some suggestions which may or may not interest you. These herbs cover all the bases, or at least most. I'm continually augmenting it, but it has helped tremendously. I purchased powdered herbs from Monterey Spice Company. Very affordable. Adaptagens, anti-fungals, herbs which help break things up (the goo), assist in adrenal function, immunity, digestion, blood Sugar control, and so on.

Swallowing capsules is almost impossible if you have this breathing and swallowing trouble. You are only adding more "air" which gets stuck beneath the crap coming from your sinuses, and also probably lodged in your lungs. And then you develop more difficulty breathing.

To Hv (Truth in Medicine) I owe at least 90% of what I've learned/cultivated in knowledge so to concoct this herbal blend. I realize many in this forum are skeptical and often put off by his suggestions, but he amazes me with what he knows. This is no average Joe. Look into his background - very impressive. A medical background which led him to his now herbal expertise.
This is not to say he is able to understand everyone's unique condition -- but no one can. I take what he offers, and if it applies to my condition I'll heed the advice.

Lugols solution as also been key in overcoming much of the swallowing/breathing issue. But I had a pretty major setback due to a hospitalization design solely to induce weight gain, at that point I had dropped to 70 lbs. -- BUT the respiratory stuff had abated tremendously, and I could think more clearly again (tube fed Sugar and bad fats). All forced upon me by family intervention, believing I was anorexic. So starting all over again.

I did post a pretty complete list (though not everything) in an entry below.

I will add that I am also being treated allopathically. I have scripts for nearly every anti-fungal available. I know what helps, and what does not. Some of these organisms, depending on location, are near impossible to eliminate. WELL documented.

Sometimes it's a matter of learning how to manage the condition once the more life threatening symptoms are under control. My feeling is that eventually, if equipped with the necessary insight and asserted - the body will heal itself.

Environment is CRITICAL. If you are living in one which contains a contaminant such as molds, etc. - you must do something about it. Some will go to the extreme, relocate, and burn everything they own. Personally, I think ozone goes a long way in reducing these contaminants - potentially eliminating them.

Proper breathing will also help tremendously. Very difficult when your lungs are compromised. But posture will help a great deal, as will some form of exercise/movement. Deep breathing and other breathing techniques will help enormously. A book I often recommend - it saved my life early on:

You need to focus on exhale. Your exhale must be longer than your inhale. A pause before exhale is key also.

I could go on and on, and annoy everyone. I'll leave it here, but please consider my suggestions. Mainly - PRIORITIZE THE OBVIOUS. If PND is a problem - it's the primary culprit to your problems. Clear out the crap, fix the adrenals, support your body nutritionally.

And toss the capsules. They're only making matters worse. You can mix tens of herbs into a paste with vegetable glycerine and eat it or hold in your mouth until it naturally goes down.. Guarantee it will help.

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