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Re: New breathing/swallowing symptoms
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: New breathing/swallowing symptoms

>>I really struggle to rationalise that the complete decline of my health is due to post nasal drip, despite it being one of the first symptoms to show up. I tried a few nasal sprays to no avail at the time. No doubt it was nasty steroidal stuff that added to the problem.

I suggest the post nasal drip was a symptom brought on by an underlying and probably longer term imbalance of flora, and compromised immunity. But the PND led to the set of symptoms you go on to describe. Definitely the swallowing, breathing...I should go back and copy other symptoms I believe are physically caused by PND.

The underlying issue, the imbalance, adrenal/immunity stuff needs to be addressed also. But my feeling is that if you have acquired some sort of pathogen in the sinuses - you're in a whole new category and have more work (like I do) ahead than those dealing with general flora imbalance, adrenal dysfunction, stomach acid (lack thereof) issues, etc.

>>About a year later I began to have hypoglycemia with more regularity and my diet was horrid. This of course running alongside a long term type A personality - shy, driven, sensitive etc and the drip.

Type A - there you go. A blessing and a curse.

>>I also can't point to major events that would have acted as a trigger, such as a trauma or exposure to any toxins, and have move house and offices since being ill which makes me think environmental factors aren't an issue. Taking out dairy and sugars also hasn't helped - which I am now sensitive to. Admittedly I'm probably not living in the most sterile of environments buts its not too bad. I don't notice any relief when away from home.

If it has taken residence in your body - you won't.

>>Still I certainly need to listen to my body. What's prevented my recovery is trying to get to that logical first step of good digestion and elimination.


>> It's never really happened, resulting in a chronically stressed liver

How do you know your liver is stressed?

>>and a constant pounding of my adrenals and toxic build up. My attempts to follow Dr Lam's protocol even in minute doses has failed - Quantum C - wired, Liposomal C - wired, pantethine - a little better but still wired, even standard ascorbates don't feel quite right.

I'll need to look into Dr. L and this protocol. Sounds interesting.

>>I have been an avid reader of Hv forums and like his factual approach. Adapting his suggestions to my case has been tricky as herbs also tend to be stimulatory or cause adverse reactions. For example I don't digest oatbran, ricebran or yeast very well at all and get buzzed out from a B-complex. Therefore I struggle to see how I can get the foundational support for stomach acid, to them implement bitters effectively. I have an unopened bottle of grape bitters and may just give it a fair old crack of the whip for a few weeks to give it a chance. Anything that aids the liver is going to help but then again I'm back to square one with the sluggish bowels and potentially dumping toxins (Although I'd be quite up for a healing crisis just to feel like progress I can build on!).

Have you tried TMG? Probably. Sorry for all the q's.

>>We are desperately short of resources here in the UK so trying to find a lab that will take a culture will be an interesting challenge. Agreed I could use a little bit of info regardless of how small as I'm getting too many mixed messages from the body (thanks body).

Actually, the UK has some of the best organizations for Aspergillus. Not sure about other organisms, but I'd look at some of the UK's Asper websites.

>>Currently taking a gander at all the natural nasal remedies out there - silver, GSE, Oregano oil, oil pulling, neti pot rinse, Xylitol and may try a couple to begin. A standard salt water rinse seems fairly inexpensive and these sorts of supplements/herbs fortunately are on the cheaper end of the spectrum. However I doubt my immune system is in a position to respond (Darn this negative thinking!).

I have found Grapefruit-Seed-Extract helpful. Oil of oregano also, but trying to stay away from it currently - pretty hard core and kills as much good as it does bad.

Have you tried boron? ("Tri-boron") None of the sprays have helped me all that much - same with the neti or irrigation. Pushes everything into the ears. Makes matters worse. But everyone is different.

I sure wish you luck going forward. I'd give anything a try. But I do think if you can get some sort of identification you'll be in a better position to address what's really going on.

Good luck to you. You have my interest and empathy.

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