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I'll save you a few headaches and give you some shortcuts.
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Published: 11 years ago

I'll save you a few headaches and give you some shortcuts.

I haven't posted on curezone in a while but I was real active last year when I got really ill after some Antibiotics and general anesthesia. Much of what I know now I will have never been able to know if I did not go through this entire year studying, researching, experimenting, etc. It was a very hard year. For that, I am thankful.

There are just a few things I want to share for those who are looking for some guidance with candida, adrenals, leaky gut, etc. that I hope to contribute and save you LOTS of trouble.

I'll just get right into it.

1) Stool testing. PLEASE GO WITH METAMETRIX. I have no affiliation with metametrix. I have nothing against Genova but it surprises me that many DAN!, alternative/integrative/functional medicine MDs and NDs do not do their research for the actual technical details on how the lab tests are done.

The differences:
Metametrix utilizes DNA testing and for anyone who has taken bio and genetics you will be familiar with things like DNA PCR or electroporesis, etc. Basically, DNA testing of stool samples allows for accurate testing of anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that die in the presence of oxygen, something that CULTURING cannot do) For that reason, they can give accurate numbers on bifidobacteria which are anaerobes, as well as clostridia species, etc. Identification is more accurate and even yeast and parasites are all done by DNA identification. Parasitology by Genova or any other lab uses microscopy to examine for Ova. It is the "what you can't see does not exist" type mentality. Mycology (yeast) is cultured which is very inaccurate compared to DNA testing that allows for correct identification of the yeast species and its amount ORIGINALLY found in the stool.

Transportation issues for culturing is a big problem. Culturing labs have special solutions and preservatives in the vials for stool that try to feed and keep organisms alive. This can and will skew the results as bacterial competition will occur during the 2-3 days of shipping, as we all know. Certain bacteria will die and others will die and reduce in number in the containers. Then when they arrive at the lab, culturing in a petri dish will produce in accurate results.

In my experience, metametrix stool test called the GI Effects test costs over DOUBLE Genova's CDSA and for that reason many doctors uses Genova's CDSA. However, I have come to realize, if the test is not accurate, it's worth $0 no matter how much cheaper it is. I did this stool test last JULY (july 09) and paid about $170 or so and ended up redoing with Metametrix just a couple weeks ago for $395.

2) Small intestine vs Large intestine/Colon: Most people do not realize (and surprisingly even NDs, integrative MDs, etc! unbelievable!) that stool tests do not check the small intestinal health. People think stool tests check all of the intestines which is not true. The stool test is testing the bacterial composition and other things of the LARGE intestine/colon. It will allow you to know certain things about the small intestine but not for sure. For example, bacterial colonization and reports and yeast and parasites are limited to the colon. What you see on the stool test is not reflective of the small intestine. however, things like fecal SigA, inflammatory markers, vegetables fibers, stool pH, butyrate, beneficials SCFAs, etc. CAN give you a glimpse of the overall functioning of the GI tract. If you have low pH, it could mean you have fermentation in the colon OR the small intestine, malabsorption would point to small intestinal issues, etc.

For the small intestine, one needs to get the Organic Acids tests which tests dysbiosis markers in the urine. AGAIN, please go with metametrix. I had this done by Genova at the same time I did my stool test test year (July 09) and I had borderline high DHPPA (clostridia) and my arabinose (Genova's yeast marker) was not elevated. After an entire year of ruthless learning and researching, I had no doubt in my mind I had yeast in the small intestine and not the colon. I urged my doc to give me the METAMETRIX dysbiosis organic acids test, not genova as I found out metametrix uses d-arabinitol and not arabinose for yeast. Well, what do you know, I have a yeast issue. It seems I went in full circle only to do the same test by a different lab and get the results I needed.

3) Leaky gut - leaky gut = ALL SYSTEMIC PROBLEMS. i started having hashimotos Antibiotics rising, i also had antigliadins rise, i had nearly every antibody reaction to something, showing symptoms of all forms of autoimmune disease like Myasthenia gravis, neurological issues, adrenal issues, etc. and have found that if you have a leaky gut, that is the same as your house having its front door wide open and letting in all sorts of thiefs, animals, dirt, insects, etc. damaging various parts of your house and wondering why constant vacuuming won't keep the carpets clean. FIX THE HOLE IN THE BOAT. No matter how much vitami C, pantothenic acid, b complex, adaptogenic herbs, adrenal glandulars, etc. I took, my adrenals were shot. I no longer believe in Adrenal fatigue in the sense that your adrenals just start to get tired. I do believe that your adrenals CAN be drained and be in a tired state if they are constantly TAXED, and in the case of leaky gut or any form of GI issues, adrenal issues are almost a given. My adrenals were less taxed when my gut was less damaged.

Hopefully more to come but I'm beat. Hope this helps someone out there my hands are shot from all this typing.

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