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Not Candida after all? but thanks to all who helped
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Published: 13 years ago

Not Candida after all? but thanks to all who helped

I think I have been very very lucky in that I am pretty certain I never had Candida in the first place, despite repeatedly doing 'positive' spit tests.

I want to say thank you to everyone who responded to my posts, everything did help, you know who you are.

The Candida diet and the cleanses/detoxes worked superbly for me because I recognise now that my problem is that Ijust have a shed load of food intolerances , specifically 2 types: Lactose, Gluten and Vinegar which caused severe runs for years and years, which has now stopped dead. The other: Anaphylatic, real bad with pumpkin seeds, I thought I was a-gonner! Just looking at them now makes me shudder! Scary food!

All the tests/biopsies & 'scopies I had at the hospital in May, found nothing 'serious' only a benign liver tumour (probably from taking oral contraceptives for years...very common).

Many days I experience a mild form of Anaphylatic shock because I eat nut based or seed based products, mainly gluten free flours and supplements like linseed oil, coconut oil and even buckwheat and soya products which cause the symptoms that avoidance of type 1 intolerance has not addressed: Mucus, heart racing/pumping so hard I go deaf in my right ear, 'pressure' in my head, coughing up and sneezing loads of crap, shortness of breath, tremors.....real bad, red blotchy skin, unexplained red prickly or rashy like skin in weird but geometrical places, hot skin, nausea, bloating/digestive and intestinal discomfort, fatigue, brain fog, tinitus, blurry vision ect ect which can take days to recover from. These things are both experiences of Candida & food intolerances . All these daily symptoms have disappeared since avoiding any foods and supplements that are associated with Anaphylactic-ism.

Now I know what to avoid I am hoping that I can start living fairly 'normally' again.

So annoying its taken me since last October, when I went on the candida diet, to of got to this stage. But I guess there's people around that never make this discovery for years.

Since February I introduced sugars back into my diet and my health did not deteriorate nor change because of it, this is another reason I am 90% sure it was never candida, and if it was, maybe, just maybe, I caught it before it became too out of control, but I think that is even more unlikely.

The only allergies I have had prior to all these new ones was to house dust, so perhaps I was rather susceptible to new ones as I have aged, because they have developed so slowly and gradually, over 6 years, maybe longer. My Mother is a severe asthmatic with life long eczema, it is common for intolerances or allergies to be hereditary. Just takes 'something' to trigger them, for me, possibly the menopause and some nasty stress issues.

Good luck to everyone, you/we/all desperately need it, Candida is an awful and elusive condition.

I hope my post might help some of you who are experiencing food intolerances and may not even realise it, as even many so called 'healthy' foods and supplements can cause Candida-like symptoms.

Of course, if it turns out I am totally wrong and self-misguided/deluded, I'll soon let you know!

Fingers crossed, for both all of you and me.

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